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Retirement pre-announcement

August 18, 2008 — BarryK
From the Puppy project, that is. I have been thinking about this for sometime, it is just a question of when.

I had previously hinted that I would do so early in 2010, however I will probably bring that forward.

Reasons for retiring earlier

One of them is that I would like to move to developing an application, in particular I am interested in porting my EVE vector editor to Linux, running with one of the native GUI libraries such as GTK.

Also, I would like to do other things. The Puppy Project takes up all my time, I don't even have a part-time job anymore so income is too low. I intend to do some regular part-time work and make more time for other activities that I keep postponing.

Being "Commander in Chief" of the Puppy Project is something that I have never been comfortable with.


I will register another domain name for my site, and most likely hand over for the guys who currently run to also manage. I say "most likely" because this is undecided.

I will keep playing with a Puppy-derivative, with a different name. This will not be designed to work with a huge range of hardware necessarily, it will just be something that I tinker with sometimes. It will have a different name.

I may even focus on a niche derivative that runs optimised on one of the baby laptops, as some other Puppy-enthusiasts are doing.

I will probably turn over the keys to the download site. I do not yet know who will get that responsibility.


I am not going to suddenly pull out. That is why I am posting this advance notice, so that everyone knows it is is going to happen. Also, it is an opportunity if someone wants to advise me how best to streamline the transition (preferably by forum PM).

I certainly intend to keep going full-steam on version 4.1. It is shaping up well.