Barry Kauler's GOOSE-Explorer


 The "absolutely best" freeware for your PC


 Build a fantastic low-cost tiny PC

  Have a look at my Puppy


 the incredible shrinking Embedded Vector Editor

My very own tiny Linux distribution


 A super-tiny GUI operating system for PCs.
 Boots off a floppy disk.


 8051 microcontroller page
  (heading toward "REMOVED")


 x86 family architecture, low-level programming
 -- including Windows asm programming, freeware.


 Linux on-line book. HOWTO do everything
 -- getting a bit dated. 2002: Linux revisited! 2003: Puppy!


 TINI embedded Java microcontroller 
  (heading toward "REMOVED")


 REMOVED (Visual C code generation, CAN, CREEM,
TERSE, GOOFEE, not  currently supported)


About me, Barry Kauler
(C) Copyright Barry Kauler 2000,2001,2002,2003.

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