Linux and me

Updated June 26, 2000

I'm "kind of" working towards writing a book on Linux, titled Linux and me, and these links are to chapters that are almost complete. This is a work-in-progress, so expect constant changes.

2002: I haven't done any further work on this "book" since mid-2000. For my latest Linux experiences see my page "2002: Linux revisited" and "Build a fantastic low-cost tiny PC".

May 2003: My latest "fun thing" is my very own Linux distribution, called Puppy. Super tiny, runs totally in RAM. Take a peak... "Puppy Linux".

Introduction -- read this first

Chapter 1: Installing Linux. Install any Linux distribution.

Chapter 2: Installing X server and KDE.

Chapter 3: The Linux commandline. A really nice introduction for after you've installed Linux.

(C) Copyright Barry Kauler 2000.