TINI: embedded Java microcontroller

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March 29, 2001

This photo borrowed from www.smartsc.com, developers of TINI software.

TINI is the size of a 72-pin memory SIMM module, has a hybrid 8/32 CPU (DS80C390 - backwards compatible with 8051), 512K/1M non-volatile (battery-backed) RAM, 512K flash ROM, 2x serial, 2x CAN, 1-wire, parallel, real-time clock, and runs Slush (with a command shell similar to Unix), a Java virtual machine (JVM) and Java API.
Software includes FTP server, TELNET server, TTY server and HTTP server. Price is just US$50 quantity one.

Very soon even this will be integrated on one chip -- see http://www.ibutton.com/TINI to find out more (lookup the DS80C400 chip).

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I obtained my first TINI board and E20 socket from Dallas, on March 23, 2001. I followed the installation steps supplied at www.junun.org (the author is "jGuru"), as well as those from Dallas. I printed out jGuru's instructions and carefully documented all the steps, writing my own notes in addition to his. As a service to others, who being newbies to Java/TCP-IP etc., may need extra detailed guidance, I have scanned my notes below. (Due acknowledgement is made to jGuru's part in this and I recommend that you go to www.junun.org for a look around).


(c) Copyright Barry Kauler 2001. Parts of scanned images copyright jGuru, www.junun.org.