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Page updated November 24, 2013

To keep up-to-date with what I am doing and thinking, please see my "News" page, which is a blog, not daily but hopefully frequently posted to:


I can be contacted via my "Contact me" page here:


I am the creator of Puppy Linux, and was the chief developer until late September 2013, when I decided that after almost 11 years, it is time to retire. I put Puppy into "maintenance mode" and will continue with some input, however others are now taking the reins.
For example, see this post: http://bkhome.org/news/?viewDetailed=00002

So, please do not send me any bug reports or "please fix it" messages!

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Myself at home:

...or rather, this is where I lived for 12 years, up until December 2011.
It was a great place, outside the small town of Perenjori in a rural region of Western Australia. At the time of writing, I am living in the outskirts of the city of Perth, but might go back to the countryside soon.

An extremely brief summary of my life, from a career aspect: I have degrees in electronic engineering, lectured at various universities and TAFE colleges, including Curtin University and Edith Cowan University, for many years, ran various businesses, wrote some technical books. Now retired.

The following photo was taken by my daughter in February 2007. I'm holding their pet puppy, Vincent:



Wherever you see this image, this is my avatar, representing me. I use it on the Puppy Forum, my websites and a few other places.

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Visit to Melbourne, Dec. 2010