guess_fstype: 120911: btrfs support

A little while ago (120705), I fixed ext4 detection in guess_fstype. Now, technosaurus has added btrfs detection, bugfixed adfs, and replaced printf() with write() for smaller size:

I have uploaded the x86 PET (7KB):

The source can be found here:

This utility is compiled statically with dietlibc, and is also in Woof, in the initrd. This update will be in the next commit of Woof.

Note, I need to compile for ARM boards, will do that soon.

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3.2.29 kernel for x86 Precise

I had hoped to stay with the 3.2.28 kernel as used in Precise Puppy beta6, up until final release and beyond.

However, the filesystem-check at startup for a full-hd installation, fails. The reason is that the ramdisk size is 16MB, which is no longer big enough -- a small Linux is created on this on-the-fly at startup, and the main hd f.s. is unmounted and a f.s. check performed.

I have now set the ramdisk size at 32MB.

3.2.29 PET (23.4MB):

3.2.29 sources:

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SeaMonkey 2.12.1 for Precise

Here are the PETS (22.8MB, 20.5MB):

Compiled in Precise Puppy beta6.

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Woof: for Precise beta6

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.3.93 (beta6).


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Precise Puppy beta6

My Puppy work has slowed right down, due to myself having "the flu". There is a lot more that I could have done before releasing beta6, but I think that there is enough new stuff to release it now.


Regarding the PPM, rodin.s reported that a search for deps for 'kajongg' application found 165 deps and took a few minutes. The latest PPM is faster, on my laptop it took 33 seconds and found 173 missing deps.

VLC is a good one to test. PPM deps search found 68 missing deps and the search took about 18 seconds. The automatic fix using bbe to allow running as root works, I just tried it.


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Back home

I flew back from Melbourne on Thursday afternoon. At that stage, I had a tickle in my throat, urge to cough but controllable. Now it is a raging flue.

This is a "present" from Melbourne! Almost every day I was riding around in trains and trams. Difficult situation when people cough in an enclosed and crowded environment.

Anyway, I feel like sh*

I am doing the usual things, tea with lemon juice, lozenges, today I bought Irish Moss cough syrup. I read somewhere that a soak in a hot tub is beneficial, so I'll try that tonight.

Staying home as much as possible, and managing to soldier-on with Puppy development.

My Optus wireless broadband is choosing now to behave very poorly. Lots of connection timeouts, to the extent that I sometimes just give up and disconnect from the Internet.

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VLC: hack to run as root

This was discussed in the previous post:

I have put hacks into Woof to fix this. The FIXUPHACK in vlc template applies the fix if a pup is built with vlc. The script /usr/local/petget/ applies the fix if vlc is installed in a running pup.

Woof commit:

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PPM: dependency search deeper, faster

I have been puzzling over this for the last three days, finally nailed it.

When you click on a package in the PPM, then on "Examine dependencies" button, the script '' searches for all missing dependent packages. I have been using 'vlc' (audio/video player) for most of my testing, as that has a lot of missing deps -- 72 in fact.

Previously, not all missing deps were being found, also the search was slow. Also, the "hierarchy view" was not what I intended it should be.

I have fixed all three of those. Now, goes down up to 11 levels searching for missing deps, and does it fast. The "hierarchy view" now looks like what it should be.

There are two scripts that I have modified, and Woof commit:

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Woof: for Precise beta5

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.3.91 (beta5):

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Precise Puppy beta5

Beta4 (5.2.73) was released recently, see blog post:

Read my blog for reports on changes since then. Beta5 is now out, and I have assigned it as version 5.3.91, as I intend the final release will be 5.4. Summary of the recent versions:


I have been working on the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) the last few days, fixing some things. I fixed a chronic speed problem. There is another issue, the final "success" window when install a lot of packages at once, can be too high for the screen -- needs a vertical scrollbar -- I might do that tonight.

This pup is looking good!

Note, built with 3.2.28 PAE kernel. I plan to build a non-PAE version later.

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