sys-info 1.3

TaZoc has fixed a little bug in sys-info:

I have uploaded version 1.3 to ibiblio (46KB):

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PPM: deps versioning re-fixed

The previous announcement about fixing versioned dependencies:

However, I found that was broken. One significant problem is that it did not find any dependencies below "level 1", that is, nested dependencies.

So, I reverted that fix, then re-implemented it. Woof commit:

Note, the code that npierce created was pretty good. The logic of this part of the PPM is mind-bending, even for me, so getting it just-right is far from easy. Npierce's work was a good starting point for me to look at where the fixes are required.

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Gimp, nVidia SFS's

Shinobar has prepared two SFS files for Precise Puppy.

Gimp SFS is based on one created by Forum member scabz, the nVidia SFS created with getnvidia-0.7:

I have uploaded the SFS files to ibiblio (20.8MB, 28MB):

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PPM: repo radiobuttons fixed

This is an ancient bug! Users have reported that after selecting repositories in the Configuration window, then (after restarting ppm and) back in the main window, the repo radiobuttons were incorrect.

I had some very messy code in script /usr/local/petget/, now cleaned up, and that bug fixed.

Woof commit:

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PPM: deps versioning fixed

A Puppy-format package database entry has a dependencies field that may have optional versioning, examples:


Where the operators may be:
&ge, &gt, &eq, &le, &lt

...this was documented awhile back in my blog.

At the time, I didn't quite implement it fully in the Puppy Package Manager, or rather I did but didn't test it. Forum member npierce has been investigating this, and has posted a solution to the Forum:

This fix looks good, I have put it into Woof:

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Precise buglets fixed

01micko reported that at first bootup, when QuickSetup runs, making a change that requires a restart of X, then at restart there is no "welcome1stboot" nor the two barks.

Yes, this is a logical bug in /usr/sbin/delayedrun, and is a Woof-level bug applying to all pups. Fixed, will be in next Woof upload.

Clicking on the clock, bottom-right of tray, is supposed to bring up a calendar, however Precise Puppy is missing the 'minixcal' PET. Fixed. This is not a Woof bug, as such, or rather it is, as the package-list used to build Precise is in Woof.
But it is really classified as a Precise bug.

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Precise Puppy 5.2.73 (beta4)

Here is the third variant. The brothers were released today and yesterday:

5.2.73 is the same, except that I used Ubuntu 'mesa' DEBs (not all of them) instead of my 'mesa' PET. Some notes:


This one is the most "Ubuntu standard", so preferred from the compatibility viewpoint. Ubuntu splits the original 'mesa' package into about 26 DEBs (although I am not sure if all of them are taken out of the original mesa pkg). These are some that I did not include in the build:


This is what I did include:


I don't know if I included enough mesa DEBs, but it is running ok with my Intel video -- though I note neither the nor modules have loaded.
'*' is being provided by 'libgl1-mesa-glx' DEB, but note that alternative libGL files are in 'libgl1-mesa-swx11' DEB. I don't know what the difference is.

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Precise Puppy 5.2.72 (beta4) PAE-enabled

The non-PAE brother of this build was announced yesterday:

Some notes for 5.2.72:


...lots of delta files this time, if you have already downloaded an earlier Precise beta.

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Precise Puppy 5.2.71 no-PAE (beta4)

I have created "beta4", with these features:


There are no delta-files, due to this build using gzip. As earlier builds use xz compression, the delta files are actually bigger than the original files!

I will now do another build, with the PAE-enabled kernel and Radeon-KMS enabled. Also the SFS xz'ed for smaller size.

Basically, the "no-pae" build will suit older hardware, also (probably) older Radeon video cards. But, it will be interesting to try both, if you have ATI/Radeon video (and CPU can handle PAE, which is most of them, even older i686).

Note, do not re-use the same save-file when testing the next pae-enabled build, they are incompatible.

Another note: beta3 reports, some issues with printing. I did upgrade cups from 1.3.11 to 1.4.8, relative to beta2, so maybe some problems got introduced? I don't have access to a printer right now, can't test.

Woof commit of version used for this build:

...however, /etc/DISTRO_SPECS needs to have the appropriate kernel PET selected:


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Radeon firmware

01micko originally created this PET. I have added more firmware to it.

PET (66KB):

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