Forum member 666philb has created this:

Great, he has created a PET for Precise Puppy, so I have uploaded it. So, it will be in the PPM for beta3.

PET (2.8MB):

There's not much in that 'precise puppy' repo yet, but it will grow. Especially as it is likely Precise Puppy is going to be a Long Term Supported release.

There are some other PETs compiled for Precise Puppy, announced on the Forum, I will see if I can add some of these over the next couple of days.

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Linux kernel 3.2.28

I compiled the 3.2.27 kernel only a couple of days ago:

I have configured the 3.2.28 kernel the same, except enabled some more digital radio/tv drivers, plus enabled KMS by-default for Radeon and Intel i915 video. I also enabled the Intel i810 driver -- never noticed that one before.

PETs, for Woof developers (834KB, 23.3MB):


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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3'

I have applied rerwin's fixes from '', see Forum post:

Note, I earlier applied '3a' fixes, see previous blog post:

My notes:

...fixes in this file in Woof.
Note that a couple of entries rerwin recommended to remove but left in, as they are still relevant for older kernels.
That is, these left in:
Also, rerwin recommended adding "bcma.ko":
...however, the 3.2.x kernel does not have that module, and I don't know what does, so I did not make that change.
...rethinking, I have appended "bcma.ko". don't know anything about it, but doesn't do any harm being there!

#120823 rerwin: multisession: screen out /.XLOADED when save.

...added the "bcma:wl" preference.

#120823 rerwin: preserve user-modified files in full-install upgrade.
Note that Woof-built puppies now also have /root/.profile

#120605 rerwin: omit /dev/snd content, /dev/.udev subdirectory and modem daemons from new master (because daemons reinstalled from firmware if needed).
#120606 rerwin: support users' replacement of stripped /root & /etc with complete directories (for "boot disk").
#120607 rerwin: Remove indicators/files for integrated user-installed packages.
#120628 shinobar: no change id-string for reuse
#120721 revert 'wildcards' option (from 120605); improve /dev/snd file exclusion; exclude /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache (shinobar).
...all applied.

#120823 rerwin: avoid saving personal data if flag set in /etc (by remasterpup2, file /etc/personal_data_save_disabled).

Woof commit:

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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3a'

I have applied some fixes from '', see Forum:

Not fully though, as I didn't understand some things. My notes:


#120603 rerwin: Retain deletions in first pupsave file by copying whiteout files.
...have not applied this. it seems only applies to the top-level directories, why would they be deleted?

#120823 rerwin: $FIRMPKG always written.
#120823 rerwin: --use-blacklist to apply the blacklist commands in the configuration files (if any) to module names as well.
#120608 rerwin: for rule-loaded modules either blacklisted or supported by modaliases, load no module
...have not applied this, don't understand why MODULES has to be cleared.

#120823 rerwin: add frisbee.
#120823 rerwin: get correct pid in wait loop.

#120823 rerwin: skip quicksetup if /etc/personal_settings_popup_disabled file created by remasterpup2 (modified by rerwin).
#120823 rerwin: use distro-specific delayedrun if available.

Woof commit:

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Precise Puppy schedule

Vicmz expressed confusion over what is the "official" Precise Puppy.

Ok, I just looked through the Puppy Forum. I see the point of confusion, oldyeller's "Precise final" thread here:
And "Precise 5.3.0" thread here:

That's fine, but it doesn't mean they are "official", just puplets that someone is building.

There is a lot of interest in Precise Puppy. My "absence" while working on the ARM boards does not mean that Precise Puppy got neglected -- not really, as I made many improvements to Woof that apply to both ARM and x86 builds.

Anyway, as I am back working on the x86 Precise Puppy, I guess that I should make a definite statement about where I am going with this, and make a commitment.

The thread for my beta releases is here:

I am reading through this thread, currently at about page 17. When I release beta3, feedback will continue on the same thread.

So yeah, it is probably best to keep it going to RC and final release, so that will become the official Precise Puppy. Others can then bring out puplet variants as they desire.

At my current pace, not sure when beta3 will be out, maybe Sunday or Monday. Any suggestions, please post to my "beta" thread.

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PPM: dependencies fix

This bug has been there forever, good to finally fix it!

Precise Puppy is built with a 'cups' PET rather than the Ubuntu DEBs. As per normal, Ubuntu split a package into many DEBs, and cups becomes several, including 'libcups2'.

I noticed 'libcups2' showing up as a missing dependency when I was going to install 'gnome-control-center'. That is wrong, as the 'cups' PET is already installed.

If the 'libcups2' DEB was installed, it might cause problems as might not be compatible with the rest of the 'cups' PET.

I have fixed this problem. These "false dependencies" no longer show up. I modified scripts and in /usr/local/petget.

This fix will apply to Puppy builds from Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian DEBs.

Woof commit:

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Melbourne again!

On the weekend I will once again be flying to Melbourne. Yay!

I created a little "report" on an earlier trip in 2010:

This time I will be there for almost two weeks. Taking the laptop of course, but have also packed the ODROID-X -- just a tiny board, power adaptor, keyboard (very small), easily fits in my carry-bag. I will plug the ODROID-X into the TV at my daughter's place.

My airline ticket is one of those cheapies, carry-on luggage only.

I might upload Precise Puppy beta3 after I have arrived there, take advantage of their super-fast Internet connection.

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Sylpheed 3.2

Sylpheed in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin is compiled for GTK3, which unfortunately is the case for many applications. As we only have GTK2 in Precise Puppy, we have to compile it ourselves.

However, we found this quite difficult to do. This is because Debian and Ubuntu remove many of the .la files from /lib and /usr/lib. These files are in the original installation when compiled from source, however they don't put them into their DEBs.

I think that the reason for this is their "multi-architecture", where they put libraries into special directories.
Personally, I am inclined to the view that this multi-architecture stuff is bad news. Create a distro for one architecture, and be done with it. Trying to support different architectures, say i486 and i686, in the same distro causes so many complications.

Such as the .la files not working, hence they have to be left out. Some source packages, such as Sylpheed, need some .la files, and as they don't exist, compile fails.

I have created a PET '0hack1_precise_dev' in which I created the .la files needed for Sylpheed to compile, and this will be in the 'devx' of the next Precise Puppy (beta3).

Here are the Sylpheed PETs (671KB, 1.3MB, 167KB, 1.3MB):

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GtkHash 0.6.0

Forum member Billtoo reported that GtkHash in Precise Puppy beta2 does not work. This is from the official Ubuntu repository.

Billtoo has recompiled it, and it now works. Billtoo's post:

I have uploaded the PETs (40KB, 8KB):

GtkHash home page:

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puppyClock timing tools

Forum member don570 has created puppyClock:

I have uploaded the PET to the 'noarch' repo on (18KB):

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