Monitor Gamma Calibration fixed

Forum member bigpup reported that this utility, in the X GUI version of the Xorg Wizard, which is script /usr/sbin/xgamma-gui, is broken in Precise Puppy. Bigpup reported that it does work in Lucid Puppy.

This script is actually in Woof, it is not a separate PET.

Various people have worked on this script. I found that both the latest in Woof, and the one in Lucid, are broken.
The one in Lucid is the best. It was worked on by Forum member EW in 2010. So, I used this as the basis.

I fixed a couple of bugs, and internationalized it. The script can be found in the Woof commit.

Woof commits:

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Neon icons, PPM missing pkg

Forum member vicmz composed the nice simple Neon desk icons that I have used in Precise Puppy RC1.

One of them is a yellow that is difficult to see, and they can all be difficult to see on a non-white background.
I ran them all through mtPaint, changed the yellow to something more visible, and bumped the saturation of all of them to 100% -- perhaps some subtly is lost on some of them, but they now stand out better on non-white backgrounds.

I cannot login to ibiblio right now, so have not yet uploaded the updated Neon PET.

I was discussing recently that the local package database may get out of date. PPM now puts up a message if a package does not exist in a repository, that the local database may need updating (with instructions how to do that).
Updated Woof will be uploaded soon.

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Precise: ffmpeg-extra

Forum member shinobar has advised that ffmpeg can be enhanced by installing more DEBs:

This is them:


Forum member mcewanw has indicated that these may introduce a problem with libxvid?

Maybe RC1 testers can try shinobar's PET, see if there are any side-effects?

I am on the home-run for RC2/final. It is about 7pm here, I plan to do a few more things tonight, then upload RC2/final tomorrow.
If anyone wants to report on shinobar's PET, and mcewanw's pAVrecord prior to that, please do!

I want to get this pup "out the door". I will give RC2 version number 5.4 and if it looks OK will promote it to the 5.4-final release.

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Precise: more wallpaper

Forum member futwerk creates incredible backgrounds for all of our puppies. Here are four more for Precise Puppy:

They are png images and very big. I have put them into a PET, and I converted them to jpg, however I used quality-factor-100, so they are still big (but about one-quarter that of the pngs).

PET (3.2MB):

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PMirrorget 0.2.1

Forum member gposil wrote this website downloader back in 2009:

This is in Precise Puppy RC1, however there is a bug report that the menu icon is missing. There is also an icon missing in a button.

I have fixed it, and assigned version number 0.2.1 (2KB):

It is a very simple script that uses gtkdialog for the GUI and wget to download. I have not internationalized it -- we will target doing that after Precise-final is out.

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Icon-Finder, pAVrecord, Precord

Two new PETs, one upgrade!

Icon Finder 1.0b3
This is very handy. Created by Forum member SFR:

pAVrecord 0.9.0
Forum member mcewanw created this audio/video recorder:
Ah, our keen developers! I just now added version 0.8.8 to the PPM database, then checked online now and found 0.9.0 is out, as well as a special version for Precise Puppy!

Precord 8.1.3
Forum member mcewanw has updated this nice application:

I have uploaded all of these to the 'noarch' repo at, and all three are going to be in Precise Puppy final.

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Precise: rerwin: Intel 537* drivers

Rerwin has compiled drivers for the Intel 537, 537aa, 537ea and 537sp modems:

I have added these to the 'common' repo and uploaded them to ibiblio.

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Peasy* apps

rcrsn51 has created a range of very useful applications, all named with the prefix "Peasy". rcrsn51 has advised of updates, plus new ones...

PeasyPrint 2.0

PeasyPDF 2.2.1

PeasyScale 1.4

PeasyPort 1.7
rcrsn51 reports problems with Superscan, so I am using this instead for next Precise build. fact, all of the above will be in the next Precise Puppy.

PETs (4KB, 12KB, 3KB, 3KB):

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Precise: SeaMonkey 2.13.1

Precise Puppy is at RC1 and there are now supposed to be essential bug fixes only. However, I have compiled the latest SeaMonkey, version 2.13.1, up from 2.12.1.

PET (23.3MB):

Yep, bigger and bigger, in leaps and bounds, with each new release. The 2.12.1 PET is 22.8MB.

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Precise: Firefox 16.0.1

I have compiled Firefox 16.0.1 in Precise Puppy.

PET uploaded (20MB):

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