Langpack post-install script

I recently modified the '' script in langpack PETs, reported here:

See also a slightly earlier report:

I have responded to queries from rodin.s and L18L in the top link.

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Multiarch: builtin files-list

Reiterating the history, Puppy contains lists of builtin files in /root/.packages/builtin_files, as explained here:

We ran into a problem with Ubuntu/Debian multiarch. Puppy introduced symlinks to force files back into "normal" locations:

However, those symlinks broke the code that composes the builtin files-lists, as reported by mavrothal: the above thread explained, I applied a fix, but it was not 100% successful. So, I have now applied a fix for the fix. The appropriate script is '3builddistro' and is in this Woof commit:

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defaults-chooser internationalized

Default Applications Chooser version 0.8 is in all recent puppies. This was created by sc0ttman:

Vicmz advised that this has been internationalized by shinobar:

Thanks guys, I have updated the PET in the 'noarch' repo (6KB): PET does not have the 'ja' translation (or any others), as that belongs in a langpack.

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VLC-GTK 2.5.4

Sc0ttman has updated VLC-GTK, a GUI frontend for VLC commandline media player. See Forum:

I have uploaded the PET to the 'noarch' repo (28KB):

There are two dependencies, 'xdotool' and 'rtmpdump', that I have uploaded to the 'common' repo (78KB, 47KB):

Well, also 'vlc_nogui' package is also required.

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Planner menu double-entry

I reported that Planner project manager is in the menu under both 'Business' and 'Utility' categories. Foo- replied that the "ProjectManagement" category is listed in both /etc/xdg/menus/ and, hence appears in both menus.

Yes, we often have this conflict. Project management can apply to both business and code-development projects. I am placing code-development related apps under Utility.

So, I decided to leave the double-entry as-is.

The Planner PET compiled in Wary also works fine in Precise Puppy, so I have added the PET to the Precise build. It's a very good app to have in the base suite builtin to Puppy.

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GetFlash 1.2

Shinobar advised that version 1.2 of GetFlash is available. Forum:

I have added the PET to the 'noarch' repository on ibiblio (8KB):

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ARM defeated, Haiku OS

Every now and again, I look around to see what is happening with alternative operating systems.

Yesterday, I took a good look at Haiku, which is an open-source re-implementation of beOS (a defunct commercial OS). Actually, what lead me there, indirectly, was I checked out progress on Lima, the open-source project for a GPU driver for the Mali GPUs used in many ARM chips -- only to be very disappointed when I found the last git commit was in February 2012 -- in other words, a lot of activity and publicity late last year, and early in 2012, then the development has faded.

Which makes me think that perhaps the ARM chips are going to miss their window-of-opportunity to supplant x86 in small netbooks and even tablets, and running a good OS. Intel will bring out their low-power 22nm low-power SoC x86 chips, and maybe it is game over? Even if the Intel SoC's consume more power, relative to other components such as screen, overall it won't make much difference.

This lead me onto thinking about x86 OS's, and I also reflected on the Unix security model -- which I don't like.

I was looking at various alternatives to Linux, many of which are extremely immature or too specialised, or not very active. Then I looked at Haiku and was very impressed with the level of active development. This is a very nice OS, and they are looking at a release-candidate in 2013. This has been a long time coming, I think the project started in 2001.

Haiku home:
Haiku news:
Introduction to Haiku:

However, I am on the lookout for an OS that has a builtin security model that is superior to Unix, but Haiku has no security at all. It is a single-user system, which is fine by me, but I still consider there must be security mechanisms -- the Haiku forum has discussion on this, but nothing has been implemented.

I really don't think it is something that can be tacked on later. It needs to be designed into the OS.

Looking at their apps, there isn't even a firewall.

Haiku is designed for traditional mouse/keyboard and there does not seem to be any consideration for running it with a touchscreen. I think that is another serious oversight, as Haiku could have found a niche for itself with touchscreen computers.

...these are just some of my rambling thoughts about ARM, security and Haiku!

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back on-board

My eight-day Royal Show job finished yesterday, so now I can catch-up with Puppy stuff.

I have a backlog of other non-Puppy stuff to do also. A lot of paperwork -- one thing, one of my elderly relatives went into a nursing home a little over a week ago, and I am managing all his finances and personal affairs.

Thought-provoking that, seeing someone leaving behind a house with lifetime collection of possessions, just one suitcase packed for the nursing home. Then of course, the "final journey", nothing is taken. Anyway, this kind of personal reflection is a bit off-track for what I intend this blog to be for -- I was going to start "Barry's Other Blog" for that kind of post!

For Puppy development, I will attempt to read all posts and catch up. I will document on this blog as I do things, and if you see after awhile that I have missed something important, let me know.

The objective will be a Precise Puppy RC1 released soon, maybe in a week, also beta2 of Wary and Racy.

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Electric vehicles

I have been waiting for this:

I should really have started "Barry's Other Blog" to write about these things. One of my pet peeves is "knowledge filtering", which means we get incomplete, misleading or wrong information.

Electric vehicles are an example. What is the real cost of these vehicles? This needs to cost based on the total energy required for the vehicle over it's operating life.

What is the environmental impact of manufacturing (and disposal) of these battery packs?

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Royal Perth Show job

My Royal Show job starts tomorrow, running for eight days. All day, from dawn until after dark. I will get home about 8.30pm, so don't expect much puppy development from me for the next eight days!

Royal Show page:

I'll try to do a little bit each day though, a hour or so.

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