Woof: built Wary/Racy 5.3.90

This is the Woof version used to build Wary and Racy 5.3.90 (5.4beta1):

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Wary and Racy 5.3.90 (5.4beta1)

Ok, here they are! These are the first betas for the next release of Wary and Racy, which will be version 5.4. The current official release is 5.3.

Wary 5.3.90
Get it from here:

There are some issues with this one. The 'welcome1stboot' window does not appear. It was built without an Adobe Flash Player, also without Getflash. But, you can grab either, either via PPM, or direct (5.1MB, 8KB):

Racy 5.3.90
Get it from here:

Racy does have both Adobe Flash Player and Getflash. Also 'welcome1stboot' works. Only one issue I have noticed so far: Planner project management appears in both Business and Utility sub-menus.

The kernels are the same as for 5.3. Lots of infrastructure upgrades with Woof, plus many apps updated, including cups now 1.4.8 and seamonkey now 2.12.1.

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rerwin: modem fixes

Rerwin posted about fixes to scripts /usr/sbin/modemprobe_erase and pupdial:

Woof commit:

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Wary: older Geeqie

Forum member tuxtoo reported that the Geeqie image viewer (from wary5 repo) crashes in Wary:

Tuxtoo found an older version, compiled back in 2009 by puppyluvr, that works:

I have added an icon to puppyluvr's PET and rolled back to this older version in the ibiblio 'wary5' repo. I will upload the PET soon.

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Wakepup2, Precord

Forum member Crash has updated Wakepup2, a tool for booting puppy from floppy disk:

I have updated the PET in the ibiblio 'common' repo.

Forum member mcewanw is working at a furious pace on Precord, a audio recorder/player app:

I have upgraded the PET at ibiblio 'noarch' repo to version 8.0.8.

I will upload the PETs soon.

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Improved .desktop translation

MoManager manages translations for the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications.

Previously, only the 'Name' field was translated, I have now added the 'Comment' field.

A langpack PET created by MoManager has /usr/share/applications.in, which is a collection of .desktop files with the appropriate translated 'Name' and 'Comment' fields.
Refer to /usr/sbin/momanager to see how this directory is created, and /usr/share/doc/langpack-template/pinstall.sh for the langpack post-install script (which will perform the translations on /usr/share/applications).

I have extended this so that the Puppy Package Manager will recognise if /usr/share/applications.in exists (meaning a langpack installed) and will apply a translation if a matching .desktop file exists in /usr/share/applications.in when a package is installed.
Refer to script /usr/local/petget/installpkg.sh.

I think that L18L and others were modifying 'pinstall.sh' in their langpacks, but now need to consider return to the official pinstall.sh script.

Woof commit:

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Fix DejaVu font problem for non-Latin

The guys who want to localise Puppy for Chinese and Japanese (and other non-Latin) languages, have a particular problem as many configuration files specify the 'DejaVu Sans' font.

The DejaVu home page gives an overview of the languages supported:

To localise to Chinese or Japanese, a special font package is required to be installed. To get applications such as JWM (window manager) to use it, their config files must replace "DejaVu Sans" with just "Sans".
If the system recognises "Sans" as mapping to the new Chinese/Japanese font set, then it will work.

Actually, in theory the fontconfig mapping could remap "DejaVu Sans" to the new Chinese/Japanese font set, but it seems that no one has figured out how to do that. It would be the simplest solution though.

Anyway, I have modified two scripts to replace all occurrences of "DejaVu Sans" with just "Sans".

This file is read by MoManager and becomes the post-install script for a langpack.
There is no Chinese or Japanese langpack yet (there is one for some older 4.x and early 5.x puppies but that is not compatible with recent pups). When someone uses MoManager to create a Chinese/Japanese langpack, it will have this new pinstall.sh in it.

This takes care of replacing "DejaVu Sans" with "Sans" when certain packages are installed by the user.

Note, it is not just JWM that has this "DejaVu problem". There are various JWM and GTK theme PETs, and other PETs such as openbox, seamonkey, firefox.

You can find the updated scripts here:

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Planning for next Wary/Racy

To keep everyone informed about what I am currently doing...

I am reading through the Wary/Racy 5.3 feedback thread:

I plan to build a beta for the next release, which will probably be 5.4.

I don't know about the kernels though, might leave them alone. The thing is, we have some drivers, for example nVidia, compiled for those kernels, and if I upgrade the kernels then those PETs will also require upgrading.

If there is no urgent need to upgrade the kernels, I will leave them alone.

So, the next Wary/Racy will have all the new features of Woof, plus various application upgrades.

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Wary: Sakura 2.4.2

Karl Godt compiled Sakura terminal emulator in Racy 5.3:

He also compiled the dependency 'vte' and provided a PET, however the Wary5 repo already has the 'vte' package.

I tested KG's Sakura with the current 'vte' PET, works. I tweaked the Sakura PET a bit and have added it to the wary5 repo.

PETs (30KB, 5KB, 14KB):

You will also need to install the 'vte' PET, but of course once 'sakura' is in the PPM, this dependency will be taken care of.

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Wary: SeaMonkey 2.12.1

I have started to look at getting Wary and Racy organised for the next release.

I was unable to compile SeaMonkey 2.12.1. It required upgrading of libvpx (from 0.9.7 to 1.1.0) and sqlite (from 3.7.10 to 3.7.14), however it seems that the version of gcc in Wary is too old. I did some research on this, fiddled around for sometime, but was unable to compile SM.

So, I used the official binary from the SM website, made it into a PET. This requires 'dbus-glib', so I enabled that (and 'dbus') in the Wary (and Racy) package-list.
Note, it does not use the system libvpx and sqlite, has it's own inbuilt. Ditto for cairo.

As this new PET includes the IRC-chat client module, I added a menu entry under the 'Internet' category.

Sigh... I don't like to see this. Just looking at the SM PETs, version 1.1.19 is 10.1MB, 2.0.11 is 11.2MB, and 2.12.1 is 21.5MB!

The PETs (252KB, 307KB, 21.5MB, 380KB, 443KB):

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