Gpart 0.1h-11

The docs state:

Gpart is a tool which tries to guess the primary partition table of a PC-type disk in case the primary partition table in sector 0 is damaged, incorrect or deleted.

This utility is in Precise Puppy. Apparently Gparted will use it if it exists.

I have now compiled it in Wary and placed it in the 'common' repo for all builds to use.

PET (20KB):

Gpart Debian page:

I have uploaded the patched source to my sources repo:

Note, Gpart will be in the next build of Wary and Racy.

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Woof: built Precise beta7

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.3.95 beta7.

Woof commits:

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Precise Puppy beta7

Here is what I hope will be the last beta of Precise Puppy. This is built with 3.2.29 PAE kernel (meaning it supports more than 4GB RAM).


Kernel sources:
Us#er#na#me#: p#up#py P#as#sw#or#d: l#in#ux

I am also building beta7 with non-PAE kernel, targeting older hardware, including older video hardware, which will be uploaded soon.

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Langpacks: es, de

I have updated these langpack PETs:

langpack_es 20120905 (vicmz)
langpack_de 20120830 (L18L)

Heh heh, with all of these upgrades, you may have guessed that I am getting ready to build the next beta of Precise Puppy!

Yes, it will be beta7, but we can't just drag on releasing betas. So, I propose that this be the last beta, followed by an RC, hopefully followed by the final release of Precise Puppy.

As beta7 will have the 3.2.29 kernel, which I intend that we will stick with for the final and well into the future, I request peebee and others who have been creating extra kernel modules, to please do so for this kernel, so it will all be available for the RC.

As I want to move onto the RC fairly promptly, I want to minimise changes. In Woof, bug-fixing only, no new features.

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Updated PETs from zigbert and mcewanw

From zigbert:

Pburn 3.7.5
Pclock 0.7.1
Pmirror 0.6.1
Pmusic 2.6.6

From mcewanw:

Pfetch 0.9.2
Precord 7.0.2

I have uploaded these as-is to the 'noarch' repo, except for Precord I added some deps to the pet.specs file:


...although not *really* needed, as those are likely to be in all pup builds. We might sometimes do a build without ffmpeg though.

Pfetch Forum thread:

Precord Forum thread:

...notice, Precord already later version available. It is currently under rapid development.

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Flash Player

Precise Puppy is built with the 10.3.x series of the Adobe Flash Player. Beta6 has version

There have been bugfix releases, now up to, as advised by Forum member xman:

I have updated the PET in the 'common' repo in ibiblio (5.1MB):

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Desk icons LagaBlueNight, Neon

Vicmz has put together the "Neon" desktop icon theme, see forum:

I have added this to the 'noarch' repo on ibiblio:

In the same forum link, Forum member starhawk has made a nice little modification to the LagaBlueNight desk icon theme. The hard-drive and usb-drive icons were previously the same, starhawk has now created a special icon for usb-drives.

I have updated the PET in the 'noarch' repo to version 1.1:

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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3f'

Rerwin posted some fixes here, related to Broadcom drivers (see down page):

I have implemented these changes in Woof.

However, these "firmware directories" have been taken out of Woof, now separate PETs:
b43, b43legacy, brcm, dgcmodem, hsfmodem, wl

Here are the PETs:

Woof commits:

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Recovered, etc...

The "flu" has gone, so I'm getting up to speed with Puppy again.

Today have to visit an elderly relative in hospital, the other side of the city. Just about to head off now, back onto Puppy this evening.

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dgcmodem, hsfmodem firmware

In Puppy, we have a directory /lib/modules/all-firmware, which contains what we used to call the "firmware tarballs" for modems.

Except that I stopped making them into tarballs, left them as directories, as the SFS file compressed everything anyway.

These "firmware tarballs" are more than just firmware. They may contain data files, scripts, binary executables, anything needed to get the modem working. Take the case of the 'dgcmodem' -- the 'dgcmodem' directory would get installed if Puppy detected the presence of such a modem. Otherwise, the files are kept out of the way in the 'all-firmware' directory, so as not to interfere with the system.

These firmware tarballs used to be kept in kernel PETs, but I had a problem with maintaining all the different versions. So I moved them into Woof, even though some of these "firmware" directories also contain binary executables.

Moving to the present, rerwin is taking a new direction, starting with 'dgcmodem' and 'hsfmodem'. These are deleted from Woof, although I have left empty /lib/modules/all-firmware/dgcmodem and hsfmodem directories in Woof. These two are now separate PETs.

It is good I think that these are out of Woof. But, any puppy build that has a kernel with dgcmodem and/or hsfmodem modules, will have to also build the pup with these corresponding "firmware" PETs.

Here is where rerwin has posted these PETS:

I have uploaded them (28KB, 88KB):

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