Melbourne again!

On the weekend I will once again be flying to Melbourne. Yay!

I created a little "report" on an earlier trip in 2010:

This time I will be there for almost two weeks. Taking the laptop of course, but have also packed the ODROID-X -- just a tiny board, power adaptor, keyboard (very small), easily fits in my carry-bag. I will plug the ODROID-X into the TV at my daughter's place.

My airline ticket is one of those cheapies, carry-on luggage only.

I might upload Precise Puppy beta3 after I have arrived there, take advantage of their super-fast Internet connection.

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'cnxsoft' very busy guy

I only know him (or her) as 'cnxsoft'. I often look at his site:

If your addiction to ARM boards requires you to get a regular hit on the latest developments, this is the place to go

There is something new posted everyday. 'cnxsoft' is keeping up a very intense schedule, plus he finds out about all kinds of things, garnered from the remotest corners of the Internet.

In particular, there is a lot of info about the Allwinner A10 boards, including tutorials and download links.

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RP: faster booting

I have been working on streamlining the bootup on the ARM boards. I am aiming for 20 seconds on the Raspberry Pi -- that is a target, not there yet! It is an optimistic target, not sure if I can get there.

I haven't had much time the last few days, mostly due to doing things for elderly relatives.

Today I setup wireless broadband Internet on a laptop for one of my elderly relatives, a person who has never used a computer before. She was recently given an old laptop, which has Windows 2000 on it. I didn't put Puppy on it, left Windows 2000 as-is, just installed the latest Firefox and Adobe Flash players that work with Windows 2000.

I took her to the local shopping centre and bought an Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband usb stick, for AU$69.95. Even though it specified at least Windows XP required, I ignored that -- it installed ok and runs fine on Windows 2000.

We were quickly online and surfing the web. It was interesting watching someone using a mouse for the very first time. She is in her early-80s and her hands are not so nimble.

I took her through all the steps, but I am wondering if she will be too scared to turn it on on her own. I'll pop back in a day or too and see what has happened.

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ODROID-X production underway

Here are some photos showing the board being manufactured:

I placed my order on July 11, so hopefully I will be in the first batch.

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arm: gtkdialog reverse-order fixed

I posted awhile back about the widgets rendering in reverse order in a window on ARM architectures:

Puppy Forum member jamesbond fixed it:

Now, the maintainer of Gtkdialog, thunor, has applied the fix to the official source, revision 321:

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Simple touch-screen driver

taca0 posted about the WM8650 ARM-based netbooks:

This link is interesting: has the source for a simple touch-screen driver to replace a mouse.

I thought that I would post the link here for future reference.
I am gradually coming round to the thinking that a touch-screen with proper keyboard is a good combo. It solves the problem of using a mouse when you are on-the-go.
It would certainly be much better than a touchpad, and I don't see why we cannot have our traditional UI, no need for a dumbed-down UI as in tablets these days.

Except of course, we have three buttons on a mouse, and would ideally need to emulate that.
The driver in the above link seems to only be supporting the left-mouse-button.

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RP: heatsink

I reported recently that the ODROID-X will ship with a heatsink:

Heh heh, you can also put a heatsink on your Raspberry Pi:

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Open source graphics driver for ARM

The lack of accelerated graphics for X applications has been a very big issue. Linux on the Raspberry Pi and the Mele A1000 uses the kernel framebuffer driver for X, which is dumb and does not make any use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Except, in the Raspberry Pi there are some apps that use the GPU for video playing.

Anyway, something, apparently, is about to change:

'cnxsoft' at thinks that it will be the Mali drivers from ARM, that are currently proprietary. Those drivers are partly GPLed and it makes good sense for them to make the drivers fully GPL.

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ODROID-X development platform

I have become addicted to these ARM boards I was drooling over this latest one, that will be available late July, price only US$129:

Here is the CPU module:

...oh joy, notice that it has a little battery! That means a battery-backed hardware clock!

This is just too nice, I had to order it, have decimated my PayPal balance! I ordered those extra goodies:

WiFi module
USB-UART module
eMMC module
5V/2A adaptor
Bluetooth module
HDMI cable

The board comes with Android ICS, however also Ubuntu 12.04 runs on it:

...but not yet any GPU acceleration for Ubuntu. Though, it has the Mali 400 GPU, so we are optimistic that there will be an accelerated X11 driver "sometime".

Explanation of "eMMC"?

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Hardware setup of Raspberry Pi

I have written a page describing my hardware setup for the Raspberry Pi, with some technical notes and useful links:

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