Windows RT ARM laptops and secure boot

There are very interesting developments afoot. I was most intrigued when I first learned that MS was porting Windows to the ARM architecture. Now we are about to see the outcome.

MS plan to bring out a tablet with plastic keyboard, called "Surface tablet":

Toshiba also have a ARM RT laptop with touch screen and keyboard:

Of course, as we would expect, MS will do whatever they legally can to restrict competition. So what about this "secure boot" thing?

It seems that Ubuntu, Red Hat and Fedora are going to be able to get around the secure boot problem:, what do we do? It is a great shame that there is no open reference design ARM computer, like there was back in the early days of the IBM PC. An opportunity missed perhaps. If the Windows RT laptops/tablets become the "reference designs", we will want to be able to boot Puppy on them too.

They look like they might be very nice, the kind of laptop that I would like to own.

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Another A10-based media player

Here is yet another media player thingy based on the Allwinner A10:

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Raspberry Pi, second impression

I deleted my post from yesterday, and all comments. Well, this is my personal blog, it is not like a public forum.

Anyway, I decided that I had got off on the wrong foot with the RP. I have sorted out the initial problems, now running Gentoo, and intend to get stuck into compiling apps so that I can build a Puppy.

Gotta run, but will post more details soon.

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Linux + X on one floppy

I recall back in 2003, there were a couple of Linux distributions that were compiled from source and ran on one or two floppies -- and they had X windows and a desktop.

This afternoon I tried to find them. Took a lot of searching, but I found one, known as '1diskXwin' or '2diskXwin':

Thinking hard about this, I seem to recall there was one that had gtk 1.2 and Netscape/Mozilla and it still fitted on 2 floppies ...or, maybe my memory is faulty.
Or, it may have been 1diskXwin, as that has build scripts to download and compile GTK 1.2 and Mozilla.

Xwoaf is another one. Puppy Forum member goingnuts is our specialist in small Linuxes, and has resurrected Xwoaf here (the original site is dead):
Here is a Xwoaf download site. Ah, xwoaf is based upon 1diskXwin and needs it's sources:
...but that is only 0.1.0, and I think the latest is 0.2.0.

As far as I can determine, there is no source, only binaries.

This is created by goingnuts. Does not fit on 2 floppies but still tiny:

Does anybody have Vmware installed? If so, I was wondering if you could do something for me. Get hold of this (27MB):
which is described here:

...and extract the files from the Vmware image, make it into a tarball.

The reason is, the other 1diskXwin source tarballs do not have the sources for some extra apps, such as 'mdesk' -- I would like to examine those sources and compile them.

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VIA neo-itx $49 ARM board

Ha ha, here they come, the Raspberry Pi look-alikes!

This one is called 'APC' and is fairly similar to the RasPi -- same arm11 (armv6) class of CPU. It has been announced all over the place, here is one link:

The official website is down right now, probably overloaded:

This site has a video:

It only has Android 2.3, but for sure there will be plenty of people endeavoring to get Linux running on it.

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Blog under attack

Some idiot in Spain is trying to crack my blog. My host has warned me. The ip address is

Unfortunately, the attack has caused my host to place some restrictions on my site, for awhile.

I will make this blog read-only, while I consider this.

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RasPi killer?

I have been expecting one or more boards to appear on the market with superior specs to the Raspberry Pi but about the same price.

The most likely will be something based on the Allwinner A10 or it's cut-down version the A13. Which is partly why I am using this architecture myself.

don570 has posted about the first of them, though it is preliminary, not yet for sale:

The company is Olimex and they are claiming the board will be about 30 Euros:

One significant difference is that it will have VGA only, not HDMI output. My Mele has both (both provided by the A10 chip). The RasPi only has HDMI.

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Another A10-based board

My Mele A1000 has an Allwinner A10 CPU/GPU SoC chip, as do a few tablets, and at least one upcoming netbook. Well, some of them have the A13, a slightly cut-down version.

Here is another board, that was reported by Krasi on the Arm-netbook mail-list:

I don't know, but my guess is that blank space on the board is for a hard drive?

Perhaps the board will not be available stand-alone.

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Human Devolution deleted

Yesterday I posted about the book "Human Devolution" that I am currently reading, which as I expected, invited some strong responses.

I have given this some thought, and decided that it was too Off-Topic for this blog.

I posted awhile back about the book "The China Study" that documents massive "knowledge filtering" in the health sciences.
That is one thing, but Human Devolution, although it documents knowledge filtering in the archeology/history fields, also goes heavily into spiritual/paranormal fields, and that latter is too OT.

This blog is primarily for reporting on Puppy Linux development, with the occasional foray into some interesting OT areas. However, heavy OT topics really belong in some other blog. If I had "Barry's Philosophy Blog" for example, it would be appropriate for such postings.

My apologies to those who replied to that thread and had their post deleted.

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Mele A1000 running Ubuntu video

Tom has made a video of a Mele A1000 running Ubuntu:

There is not yet any GPU video acceleration. The page that explains how to install Ubuntu is here, but is out-of-date and Tom will be updating it soon:

Here is my blog post that introduces the Mele A1000:

Sunlike UMPC-1021
A netbook will soon be available with the Allwinner A10 chip:

It is not yet in mass production, the developers are still debugging the camera.

Apparently it will also be available with a 4000mAH battery which will power the netbook for 10 hours.

Here is a video of the Sunlike UMPC-1021. Note that "Boxchip A10" is the same as the Allwinner A10:

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