On holiday

As from today, I will be on holiday for seven days.

Just to let everyone know that I won't be very responsive to any questions or reports.

I might keep looking into the USB uevent detection stuff in the initramfs, but won't have time for much else.

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Mele A2000 Internet set top box

I posted recently about the Mele A1000, of which I have ordered two:

The manufacturer has now released the A2000, which appears to have almost the same specifications. Details:

The A2000 can be ordered from here:

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Finally I am getting some time to have a bit of a play with Iguleder's fork/redesign of Woof, sufficiently different to be a separate project with it's own name, Roar-ng.

Here is the Forum thread:

The project is hosted here:

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Parts for Raspberry Pi

It could be some time before I get my hands on a Raspberry Pi, but I thought that I might as well order some parts to be able to get it going.

I have purchased these:
http://www.oo.com.au/mbeat-7-Port-Powered-USB-Hub-_P21980.cfm (AU$19.95 + P&H)

The way I am intending to put it together is the USB hub will power the RasPi, via the micro-USB cable. The RasPi has a micro-USB socket that is only for 5V power. There is one other, and only one, normal USB socket, and I will connect that back to the input-USB socket on the hub.

There are cheaper powered USB hubs on the market, however as far as I could find out, the power adaptors are quite low current, for example two different 7-port hubs had 1A and 400mA 5V adaptors -- 400mA is ridiculous.

The one that I have purchased supplies 2A. It also has an Australian power plug (I think).

This gear adds up to more than the cost of the RasPi!

A note on the side: I was surprised that Farnell and RS had been chosen to sell the RasPi, as my memory of them 10+ years ago is that they are very expense. Everything has a huge markup. I looked around in the Farnell online catalog, and the big markups still seem to be the situation.

So why would those companies agree to sell the RasPi at low profit margin? Well, those guys ain't fools, and my guess is that they know that the RasPi is a barebones board, and people are going to want a lot of extra stuff to get them going.

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Sylpheed versus SM Mail

What a difference! It is comparing something created by one or two people with something created by a committee.

I have been using online (cloud) email with Gmail for so many years and have not used a local email client in all that time. I have had a wake-up call about the dangers of the cloud, see my previous post:

I have been complacent, have too much stuff in my online email account. Which of course Gmail encourages.

I have decided to POP it all. First I setup SeaMonkey Mail and News. What convoluted logic! -- I was unable to move the 'inbox' to my mounted partition.

Enter Sylpheed. Easy to setup my mounted partition as the mailbox -- simple, logical, like it should be. Then I was able to import the emails that I had already downloaded with SM (about 500). Now I am downloading the rest.

But, as Lobster says, with us changing puppies so often, we need somehow to automate the setup of the mail client. Some kind of "remember all of this" which creates a script on the mounted partition -- then when running a new pup all you have to do is click on the script. It could even install Sylpheed if it isn't already!

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Email account hijacked

Ha ha, it seems to be in my "stars" that this is my time for mini-crises

There was the failure of my wi-fi mobile broadband module a couple of days ago, then my apparent loss of $150.

This morning I decided to checkout an email account that I haven't used for a long time, puppylinux@gmail.com, but I was unable to login. It informed me that I was using an old password that had been changed 5 months ago. Fortunately I was able to go through the recovery process and change the password.

But, after logging in, everything was in Russian!!!

This was a bad situation, as I could not even figure out how to logout. The thing is, I cannot login to my regular gmail account while the other one is still open. I figured out how to get the Account Management page in English, then deleted the account.

I don't know how anyone could have got the password. was Google itself compromised?

One lesson from this, I need a backup email account that is not with gmail.com.

In fact, this whole online email thing is a worry.

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Raspberry Pi launched

Ha ha, I received an email that the Raspberry Pi board had been released, so went to their site about 10pm last night (Western Australian time, 8 hours off GMT).

They are selling the boards through Farnell and RS Components. The Farnell site was down, the RS site was only taking "registrations". So, I registered my interest.

It seems that all 10,000 board have already sold. The next lot probably won't be available until the end of next week.


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Wi-Fi crisis today

This morning my Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi module stopped working. I took it to a Telstra Shop and they asked me when I bought it, which I could not recall. Well, here is my blog post:

...ha ha ha! I bought it on Feb. 1, 2011, and it has a one year warranty -- the designers have sure done a good job there!

The big problem for me is that yesterday I spent $150 on a prepaid recharge, which I activated last night.

I have a Telstra USB wireless modem that someone gave me a year or so ago. So, I put the sim into that, but unfortunately PupDial reports:

--> bad init string

Note, "telstra.internet" is my guess at the APN, which I think worked with this same modem when I first acquired it. Dialup number I set to "*99#".

For the record, the chip in this modem is ZTE MF626i. It switches to modem-usage ok and works on /dev/ttyUSB0.

Anyway, I also have an Optus USB wireless modem, that I have reported about previously on this blog. I haven't used it for a long time, so the Optus Shop told me that I had to buy a new sim card -- for $30, which I did. Dialup number "*99#" and APN "preconnect", and it works.

I am using it now. I went to the designated Optus site to activate it, and it told me that I have $0.25 credit, which was a bit disconcerting considering that I am supposed to have 1GB for 30 days. Anyway, it is working. But, more expenditure, as I will have to go back to the Optus Shop in a few days and purchase a recharge.

I have got to try and get that Telstra modem working, otherwise I will have to throw away $150.

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Android on the PC

This is interesting:

I have never used Android, so don't have any concept of how it's usability stacks up against our usual Linux distros. I don't know how well it will perform with the conventional keyboard/mouse input.

Very interesting though, if it does start to appear on laptops/desktops.

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Back to full-speed soon

I have been off-line the last couple of days, so haven't responded to posts. However, I am no longer living in a tent, back into a real house!

I will be home by this weekend and looking forward to getting up to full-speed working on Puppy.

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