Operating systems and the user interface and application structure is a very volatile area on mobile devices. A few of them have come and gone.

Now let's see, I think Intel backed Moblin, which became Meego. Hewlett Packard was backing WebOS, then recently dumped it. Some of these are also intended to work on desktop systems. Then there's Google's Android.

Anyway, the latest news is that Intel is dropping Meego, in favour of Tizen. Yes, yet another one! Tizen apparently, is intended to run on anything from mobile phones to netbooks.

Now, Tizen seems to actually be based on LiMo (though it looks like bits of Meego will be in it also), and one of the LiMo executives described it thus:

LiMo 4, under LiMo’s proven collaborative governance model, enables flexible disaggregation of the device platform and the service propositions such that operators and device manufacturers can more freely shape attractive user propositions and secure sustainable long-term value


Here are links:

I have been trying to find technical details. Very few, but allied to Gnome -- that means GTK, good, I wouldn't like it if they had gone for Qt as that tends to lock developers into coding in C++.

Interesting bunch of companies backing LiMo:,com_limomembers/Itemid,134/

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Science Fiction

Lobster found this:

Fascinating! I love SciFi. I enjoy settling down in the evening with a SciFi book ...if anyone has surplus SciFi books that they don't want, I want them! I'll pay for the postage.

I inherited this from my dad. He had a collection, and I read every one. He subscribed to a couple of the short-story paperback monthlies of the time. He doesn't have those anymore, I never asked him what happened to them.

I do however have a few of his old books, for example "Adventures in Time and Space" published in 1946.

In a couple of years I will get rid of them, as I will probably be moving to a small unit, and will sell or give them away. If anyone wants to stake a claim on them, let me know!

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Offline for couple of days

Just a note to let everyone know. I may not be responsive to posts for the next couple of days, as I have other non-Puppy stuff to do.

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Telstra 3G unusable

Sometimes my Telstra 3G wireless connection gets slow in the evenings. Last night from about 6pm to 9pm is was unusable -- pages would not finish loading, connections timed out.

Then it came good and I was able to upload the kernel stuff.

But all day today it has been unusable. Maybe they are having equipment problems. Even now, at 9.45pm, it is only just working.

Hmmm, won't load. Nothing will load. I will wait awhile before posting this.

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Human Probiotic Infusion

Quote from Catalyst TV program:

Seven years ago, Coralie was struck down by a strain of C.difficile after taking a course of antibiotics for a simple dental procedure.

Over a year ago I also was prescibed an antibiotic by a dentist after having two teeth extracted. After taking the antibiotic, I got diahorea, and I looked up the antibiotic on the Internet and was alarmed at the warnings about its use, and the high risk of getting C.difficile.
After the treatment, my tummy did not feel right, and I went to a doctor, had stool tests, all clear. I asked the doctor, what if there had been C.difficile, and he said it would be treated with more antibiotics, really strong ones.

I'm wondering if my current tummy troubles are connected with that earlier problem. But, the latest tests have shown no C.difficile. But, there are hundreds of different flora in the tummy, and any imbalance can cause trouble.

The main problem is that C.difficile has mutated, and in the USA, 300 people are dying every day from it. It is an epidemic, created by modern medicine.

Anyway, for those who have contracted C.difficile, there is treatment that works (95% success), a very old one, known as Human Probiotic Therapy. An Australian Doctor has pioneered this, as reported last week in the Australia TV series Catalyst:

These are the places where the work is being done:

Apparently there are good flora that actively attack C.difficile and also destroy the spores. The Doctor thinks that one day these will be isolated and grown, so poo won't have to be injected, but that is still a long way off.

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I'm back!

I was away for a week, in Melbourne visiting my daughter.

Good to be home, my place wasn't burgled (again) while I was away, good!

I enjoyed excursions into the Melbourne CBD. As I am vegetarian, I scouted around for cheap vegetarian meals, and found these two:

Om Vegetarian:

Om Vegetarian charges AU $6.50 for all-you-can eat, Crossways charges AU $7.50 (or $5.50 concession) for all-you-can-eat.
Fantastic prices.

I love Indian food, so these places suit me very much. However, Crossways use Ghee (clarified butter) for cooking, which conflicts with my trend toward becoming vegan.

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Puppy development slowdown

Again. My apologies, will get back to it soon.

On Friday I had a colonoscopy, that is, a probe rammed up the rear end. For a few months I have been having tummy pains, and my doctor advised the best thing to do is have a colonoscopy. When I asked about the risks, he told me that I have a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying. The gastroenterologist, the guy who actually performed the procedure, told me that there is a 1 in 2,000 chance of perforation of the colon. Quite a primitive, high-risk procedure I reckon. Anyway, I went through with it, seem to have survived ok.

Then I found out my mum and step-father had both been taken to hospital. Mum came home yesterday afternoon, so I have stayed overnight with her, a sister will watch her tonight, hubby is expected to be home on Monday.

Right now, I am just about to drive home.

Then I'll do some Puppy work, upload Woof, but I'm not sure about Mageia -- I tested on my laptop and both keyboard and mouse are dead, don't know why. Will see if I can figure it out. So Mageia might get delayed, but I want to upload latest Woof.

There are going to be some more personal things happening in July, too.

Had a flu shot, first time ever, yesterday, never trusted them before. Heading over to Melbourne later in July, so wanted to be prepared for that cold flu-prone city.

Oh, yes, the colonoscopy report is that my colon is fine. I was sedated so remember nothing, but apparently the instruments recorded that I was experiencing some pain, meaning what I don't quite know, some nearby organ perhaps -- my doctor will have to decide on what test comes next. The gastroenterologist suggested that the digestive system can just become sensitive and you have to live with it.

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Fingerprint match

Amazing, I didn't expect it. I got a phone call from one of the local policemen this morning, to inform me that they got a match on a fingerprint.

One of the guys who burgled my place left fingerprints all over the windows. However, they were all incomplete, but the policeman said that their experts might be able to put the pieces together and get one complete print. Well, they did, and it is on their database.

Not a local guy, thank goodness. I wonder if they will recover any of my stuff? -- surely he wouldn't be dumb enough to have it in his garage?

At the time of the phone call, the policeman said that the suspect had been brought in for questioning. Well, it will be interesting to see if there is any positive outcome.

It is great to see the policing system actually working, getting a result.

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Mageia 1 is out

Mageia, the non-commercial fork of Mandriva, has reached the first release version:

Yes, I am very interested. Now that Woof supports RPM packages, I am interested in building a pup from Mageia packages.

But, the DVD is too big for me to download, because of my very expensive Telstra 3G connection. I looked at the disc vendors that advertise at, they don't yet offer mageia 1, so will wait until they do, then order a DVD.

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Cedar Trail CPUs coming

A new range of Intel CPUs codenamed "Cedar trail" with 32nm technology likely to appear in computers later this year:

A netbook with 12 inch screen and all-day battery life will be very interesting.

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