Linux kernel 3.2.27

I have compiled the Linux kernel 3.2.27 in Precise Puppy, to be used in the next release (beta3).

PETs (for Woof usage only) (23.2MB, 834KB):

The sources, including a kernel SFS file, are here:
Us#er#na#me#: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd#: li#nu#x

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"Windows upgrade"

Terry sent me a pm with this very amusing paragraph:

I have two friends that I booted their Windows computer with Puppy to fix a problem who called and told me how much they LOVE THE WINDOWS UPGRADE!!! I went back to their house, and found that I had not pulled out the Puppy disk and re-booted after we started drinking beer, chatting, and I went on home a couple hours later!!!

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Macpup 529

I have just seen this on, Macpup 529:

I knew about Macpup, but I didn't know the guys (runtt21 and prit) have based the latest on the Woof-built Precise Puppy 5.2.60 (beta2), which I announced awhile back:

Hmmm, that was June 6. After that I was absorbed by the ARM boards. Well, now I'm "back" so there is going to be a beta3 soon.

It is good to see the Macpup initiative. if they stay synced with latest Woof, they will be able to incorporate the significant improvements that I have recently done for package categories and icons -- though I do need to tidy it up over the next few days, then will (or rather plan to) build beta3 and upload latest Woof.

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ShareInternet and dnsmasq

Forum member gyro has created this very interesting application to turn a Puppy-PC into a router:

Gyro's PET has 'dnsmasq', a binary executable, in it. I have taken that out, so there are now two PETs (106KB, 14KB):

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Wary/Racy plans

My ODROID-X quad-core Cortex-A9 ARM board has arrived, and I ran Android 4.0.4 on it. Nice and fast!

However, I plan to put the ARM boards on the back-burner for awhile and do some work on Wary and Racy, look toward releasing version 5.4.

The last release was 5.3, on April 5, 2012, announced here:

I intend to start reading the Wary/Racy feedback thread on the Forum, from page 7:

I think that I will upgrade CUPS from 1.3.11 to 1.4.8. There is a problem with printing in landscape mode, reported by vtpup:

rcrsn51 posted something that may be helpful:

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RP: JWM problem?

I upgraded JWM from 574 to 579, see earlier blog post. Since then, there has been some peculiar behaviour, and I am now reverting to 574.

I have made a bug report to Joe, the JWM developer:

I have recompiled 'pngoverlay' in sap6, as 01micko reported a bug. I think that previously I had compiled it in Gentoo on RP. This will be in the next Woof commit.

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RP: recompiling 3.1.9 kernel

Today I have downloaded the latest patched 3.1.9 kernel source for the Raspberry Pi, from here:

I had previously been through this exercise, and that resulted in the kernel used in Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha4. That was about one month ago.

Now I am doing it again, with a few changes to the .config:

bcm2835 sound driver built-in
deadline scheduler (instead of cfq)
disabled automatic devtmpfs mounting on /dev

Also, this time I did not apply any of my own patches, that is, left out unionfs and usb-printk patches. Only applied the loglevel patch.

I have just started the compile on my RP.

I have also downloaded the latest firmware from here:

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'de', 'ru' langpacks

L18L is the creator and maintainer of the German (de) language pack, see Puppy Forum:

rodin.s is the creator and maintainer of the Russian (ru) language pack.

These guys have recently updated their langpacks. L18L has it on the Forum, rodin.s pm'ed it to me.

I have uploaded them (2.4MB, 2.1MB):

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RP: gutenprint updated

01micko has compiled the latest Gutenprint package on Squeezed Arm Puppy (sap6) on the Raspberry Pi, see Forum post:

I have uploaded the PETs to ibiblio and they will be in the next release of sap6 (2.6MB, 621KB, 1.5MB):

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Desktop icon themes

Jemimah and vicmz have created some nice icons for the desktop and menu:

I have uploaded these to the 'noarch' repo on ibiblio:

Jemimah (106KB, 104KB):

vicmz (131KB, 125KB, 151KB, 135KB):

...note, these are smaller than vicmz's original PETs, as some redundant images removed.

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