Sys-Info, xdriinfo

TaZoc has updated Sys-Info. I separated out the xdriinfo binary executable, as sys-info PET is in the 'noarch' repo.

sys-info (41KB):

xdriinfo (4KB, 3KB):

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RP: recompiled tray applets

01micko reported that the slowness of the network_tray applet in sap6 was not due to JWM, but due to the applet itself.

I had compiled the tray applets in Gentoo on the RP. I have now recompiled them in sap6.

PETs (7KB, 9KB, 6KB):

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RP: JWM 579

01micko reported that JWM in Squeezed Arm Puppy on the RP has a problem with the tray -- applets slow to update. He compiled the latest, version 579, and that fixed the problem.

The problem though, is probably not the version. I compiled version 574 in the Gentoo build for the RP. I have found that some apps compiled in Gentoo misbehave in sap6.

I have compiled JWM 579 in sap6, and uploaded the PET (79KB):

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Mixmos tray applet

01mick created a tray applet for the Mixmos audio mixer. This is a very simple applet for use in the Raspberry Pi. 01micko's Forum post:

I have placed 'mixmos_tray' into the 'mixmos' PET (75KB):

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RP: Gmeasures, Superscan

Two little apps missing from Squeezed Arm Puppy are Gmeasures and Superscan. The first is a units converter and the second a port scanner, both GUI apps. These have traditionally been included in our puppies, to round out the app-suite.

I have compiled them in Squeezed Arm Puppy on the Raspberry Pi, and they will be in the next release.

However, you can get them now (25KB, 22KB):

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dpkg-deb with xz support

Building Puppy from Raspbian DEBs, I thought that some were missing from the repository, however I discovered that '1download' was downloading then rejecting some DEBs.

The reason is that some DEBs have xz compression, which the 'dpkg-deb' utility in Wary and Racy (and most other pups) does not understand.

Support for xz was introduced with version 1.15.6 of the 'dpkg' package, of which 'dpkg-deb' is a utility therein.

I have compiled a recent version and uploaded to the 'common' repo (44KB):

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ODROID-X now with heatsink

Hardkernel are the developers of the ODROID-X quad-core A9 ARM board that I have ordered, see my recent blog post:

Hardkernel have tested the board with all four cores running "flat out" and the chip does get hot. This is not the situation for normal use, however they decided to include a passive heatsink on the production board:

Their Forum post explaining this decision:

Apart from whether it is really needed or not, the heatsink gives it a certain look, like it really means business. A mean machine!

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Puppy for Raspberry Pi alpha4

Announcement of previous alpha3:

Announcement of alpha4:

Download SD card image (87.1MB):

"devx" (119.9MB):

Howto copy image to SD-card:


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RP: X server refuses to die

Sometimes when I shutdown, the Raspberry Pi screen goes blank and it just hangs. I examined the log, in /tmp/xerrs.log, and it has this:

waiting for X server to shut down XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0"

after 61 requests (59 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

/usr/bin/xinit: X server slow to shut down, sending KILL signal.

waiting for server to die ...

/usr/bin/xinit: Can't kill server

Curious Google finds nothing for the string "/usr/bin/xinit: Can't kill server".

Anyone got any thoughts on how to force the X server to die? Anyway, why won't it die?

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Simple Wallpaper Setter

Pwallpaper, used in alpha3 in the Raspberry Pi, segfaults.

01micko created a very simple wallpaper setter using gtkdialog, named appropriately Simple Wallpaper Setter, or just SWS. It had a bug with changing the pinboard, so I hacked it a bit, now it is working for me.

Uploaded (2KB):

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