Quirky 1.3RC: frugal multiple save-files

'DaveS' reported in the Quirky 1.3RC feedback thread in the forum that when installed frugally and there is more than one save-file in the installation-directory, Quirky did not ask at bootup, just used one of them.

Yes, I was expecting some little issues to crop up with the new file searching code in the 'init' script.

Fixed it.

01micko mentioned a fix for the acx wireless driver, also there is a patch for the Network Wizard. However, these will have to wait for the next Quirky (or a bug-fix PET ... what does MS call those? ...got a mental block).
I am already uploading 1.3-final, will announce when ready.

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Quirky mirrors

Testing PPM in Quirky 1.3RC, there is feedback of some difficulties.

One problem is that there are not many mirrors of the Quirky PETs hosted at ibiblio.org, and the list of URLs provided in Woof and to the PPM (see /root/.packages/DISTRO_PET_REPOS) has some invalid entries for variable 'PET_REPOS'.

Hmmm, I can only find three Quirky mirrors of ibiblio.org. I have put these two into Woof/PPM:


Here is another, but it doesn't seem to udpate frequently:


I will also have to fix puppylinux.com/download, which also has invalid URLs.

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Quirky 1.3RC: Pwallpaper broken

'gjuhasz' has reported this. Ah yes, we know about this -- in Wary and Slackpup I had gone back to Nathan's Wallpaper Setter, package 'wallpaper'. But, had not changed the package selection for Quirky.

Ok, done, the 1.3-final will have Nathan's Wallpaper Setter.

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Quirky 1.3RC: wrong Samba package

'perthie' reported that Quirky 1.3RC has an older samba_client package.

Yes, I compiled samba_client 3.0.37 in Slackware 13.1 (Slackpup) and the Quirky build did not use that, went looking for a suitable PET and found one from the Puppy-4 repo.

Although I compiled samba_client-3.0.37 in Slackpup, I think that it should work in all puppies, so I have changed the database entry of the package so that it will get chosen by all Woof builds. The package is now 'samba_client-3.0.37.pet' and it's db entry is now:

samba_client-3.0.37|samba_client|3.0.37||BuildingBlock|1008K|pet_packages-quirky|samba_client-3.0.37.pet||samba client utilities, note, compiled in slackware 13.1 but should work in all puppies|||official|

...that is, I took out the "|slackware|13.1|" in the third and second-last fields. This makes it generic, so The Woof build scripts will always choose it.

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Weird font in SNS fixed

'perthie' has tested Quirky 1.3RC and reports that the "Please wait..." box that pops up in Simple Network Setup (SNS) displays in a weird font.

Ah yes, this has happened because the original 'yaf-splash' package is now installed. Well, not exactly...

Most distros now have Xorg in /usr, whereas T2 places it in /usr/X11R7. So that everything appears in "normal" locations when building a Puppy in Woof from T2 packages, I created a special package named 'zzt2_fixup_hack' that creates symlinks from /usr to all the executables (plus other fixups, see 'pinstall.sh' in zzt2_fixup_hack).

The problem is, this fixup sees /usr/X11R7/bin/yaf-splash and creates a symlink to it from /usr/bin, overriding the previous symlink to /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash.

Thanks for pointing that out, I have fixed it.
The package is now 'zzt2_fixup_hack-20100921.pet' and I will upload it soon.

A reminder to myself: this fixup package is also used in Wary, but I think that it has some Xorg 7.5 specific stuff, so may have to create another one for Wary.

A reminder to ttuuxxx and others: The Puppy "4.3.2" build also has a zzt2_fixup_hack PET package (if I recall rightly), that will need the fix I have described above. Basically, put a bypass for yaf-splash into pinstall.sh:

for ONEFILE in `find ./usr/X11R7/bin -type f`

BASEFILE="`basename $ONEFILE`"
[ "$BASEFILE" = "yaf-splash" ] && continue #100921
ln -snf /usr/X11R7/bin/$BASEFILE ./usr/bin/$BASEFILE

...or, if you choose not to include the original yaf-splash PET then the problem will not occur.

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Quirky 1.3 Release Candidate

This is built from the "forked" Woof that I have been discussing recently, and is an opportunity to evaluate the changes in Puppy files and streamlined searching in the 'init' script. If it turns out to be basically sane, I will bump this RC to the final release.

Note that there have been some application upgrades since 1.2, but not much, as I have been working on Slackpup, Wary and Woof in the interim. I expect that most, maybe all, apps in Wary will work in Quirky, so the 'puppy-wary' repo can be in the PPM.

1.3 is built with the kernel and also has the commercial Nvidia Xorg driver. The .iso file is 112MB -- note, if I had built without the Nvidia driver it would have been 107MB.

Release announcement and release-notes (which does not mention that it is RC):


Download the live-CD (112.5MB):
Md5sum: 6170740b60f8271ff37fd963456b12cf

Download the development .sfs (104.8MB):
Md5sum: 4887911282c496efb266f5c64dca9505

There are also delta files from 1.2:

I have not built a "retro" Quirky this time, as I am targeting Wary for that purpose.

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2.6.34 kernel

I have uploaded the 2.6.34 patched kernel source here:

Username: pu#p#py Password: l#in#ux (remove the #s)

As well as the usual patches, this also has the Longene patch:


The patches, including extra manual patches (hacks) that I had to do to get the Longene driver to work, are described here:


As the kernel is configured with SMP turned off, and has the rtl8192su/vortex86mx patches, this kernel should be excellent for the Gecko netbook.

I am pleased to report that I have successfully compiled the following analog modem drivers with this kernel:

slmodem (slamr, slusb)

...I had to patch a few of these.

Soon I will upload a PET of this kernel, for use in Woof.

If all goes well with further testing, the next Quirky will have this kernel.

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Longene kernel 0.3.0

I reported awhile back on the Linux Unified Kernel (LUK) also known as Longene:


Version 0.3.0 was released recently, as patches for the 2.6.30 and 2.6.34 kernels. Well, I couldn't resist it...

It has taken me several hours of hard work, but I have compiled Longene on Spup. This is the 2.6.34 kernel with Longene patch and all the usual patches used for Puppy. The Longene source tarball has three components:

1. A kernel patch
2. Source for a kernel module
3. Patched Wine 1.0 source

It took me quite a while to get everything working, due to missing symbols, but I got there.

I have not yet compiled Wine. I am just about to download dependencies -- thanks to green_dome and technosaurus for information about this -- and then I will compile Wine.

It is a rather old version of Wine, but the Longene developers have stated that they will move up to Wine 1.2 sometime.

As this is a rather quirky experiment, I might make this the next Quirky release. I might also move Quirky over to a Slackware 13.1 base, that is, same as Spup.
Main reason: the ready-made package repositories.

Longene home page:


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Abiword 2.8.6

I have compiled this in Quirky, up from 2.8.3.

There is one thing that annoys me. I don't recall what version it started, but about 6 months ago I think, Abiword suddenly did not display the images in some documents. For example:


I haven't reported it, assumed that it would be noticed and fixed. But no, not yet.

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Mplayer 20100620

I have compiled Mplayer, however there is a problem.

With recent Quirky and Wary releases they have been built with mplayer that was configured with '--disable-gui', and instead Gnome-mplayer GUI frontend has been used.

That's fine, but I have taken another look at compiling mplayer with '--enable-gui'. This provides a GUI with a wide choice of skins. Quite nice, except not so nice with JWM. JWM rev. 492 only displays the GUI control panel as a black box when X is set to 16-bit color depth. 24-bit works ok.

I have reported this bug to Joe:

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