CPU scaling bug fix

Thanks to rcrsn51:

I have applied the fix to the PET package, Quirky 1.2 users, get it from here:

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I have compiled this kernel in Quirky. The PET is available here:


...note however, this PET can only be used with the latest Woof, as I have moved the /etc/modules/firmware.dep. file and all the firmware tarballs out of the kernel PET into Woof.

The source is here:


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Quirky 1.2

Here is the announcement and release notes:

The live-CD iso file (111.0MB):

The matching "devx" sfs file:

Quirky-Retro iso:

Quirky-Retro "devx" file:

For those on slow dialup who already have Quirky 1.1 (the iso and sfs files downloaded from ibiblio), .delta files are available for upgrading:

Go here for links to faster mirrors and CD:

Oh c**p, I found a buglet, an annoying one. It was a seamingly harmless change that I made to a script just before uploading. Easy to fix: Open /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash in a text editor -- look at line 244, there is a "-" missing, it should be "yaf-splash". This bug prevents some popup progress indicators to display.
Note, I'll probably re-upload Quirky 1.2 tomorrow (but it will be done in such a way not to break any downloads in progress).

Decided had better do it as soon as possible, so it is done. Fixed ISOs now uploaded.

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ffconvert, geany, xorgwizard

ffconvert 0.9 -- they have been coming rapidly, shinobar is doing a "zigbert" to me

Geany 20100602
Version 0.19 is due out any day, but I can't wait, got this out of SVN.

Thanks to Jemimah who added support for Elantech touchpad. -- this is a Woof script.

Regarding Quirky 1.2, I plan to release it in a day or two. Lots of other things I want to move on to...

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acpid, ffconvert, snap2

I have upgraded these:

acpid 1.0.8-20100603 (shinobar, me)
ffconvert 0.8 (shinobar)
snap2 4.14 (lstandish)

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915resolution 20100530

Thanks to tempestuous for upgrading this:

I have upgraded the PET for Quirky (and all Woof builds).

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CPU frequency scaling issue

A couple of Quirky 1.2rc testers reported jerky playing of youtube videos. I think at least one of those people is also using the CPU frequency scaling tool.

There may be a clash here. From this site:


Some CPUs may suffer from poor performance with the default settings of the ondemand governor (e.g. flash videos not playing smoothly or stuttering window animations).

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network_tray, you2pup, psync

I have upgraded these:

network_tray 2.3.3 (me)
You2pup 1.4.3 (soliver)
Psync 1.1 (tasmod)

...see forum for news on these last two.

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Pprocess 2.0

I have upgraded to zigbert's latest process management system. Get it from here:


A technical note for Lupu developers: Woof searches for PETs in the order Packages-puppy-5-official Packages-puppy-quirky-official Packages-puppy-woof-official Packages-puppy-4-official.
An "architecture independent" PET such as pprocess will be found in the Quirky repo and used. So, you don't have to worry about putting it into the puppy-5 repo.

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Xsane 0.997

There is a new version of Xsane out, the GUI for scanner access. As I have upgraded sane-backends for Quirky 1.2rc, this is good, I have now upgraded Xsane. Get it from here:


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