Quirky 1.1rc

This is the release candidate for Quirky 1.1. The build is actually numbered 104.

Preliminary announcement and release notes:


There is the normal Quirky, qrky-104.iso, built with the kernel. Note that I have changed the file prefix from "quirky" to "qrky", so the save-file will now be named "qrkysave.2fs".

A bonus is another build, Quirky-Retro, built with the kernel (same as used in Puppy 4.3.1). This build has all the analog modem and SCSI drivers. Note, the file prefix is "qret", so the save-file is named "qretsave.2fs".

Please note the scope of the fixes and improvements of 1.1 relative to 1.0, explained in the release notes. I plan multimedia improvements for 1.2.

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This GUI utility was missing from Quirky 1.0, although the menu entry was there. Fixed.

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Wine 1.1.39

Thanks to green_door:


I have got Wine 1.1.39 and dependencies PETs and added them to the 'puppy-quirky' repository.

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The very sad saga continues...

Quirky 1.0 has xorg-server 1.7.5 and xf86-video-intel 2.9.1. There are later versions of xf86-video-intel package, but I tried 2.10.902 and today tried 2.11.0 and Xorg won't start with either.

I wondered about an older version, but 2.8.1 won't compile, seems to be designed for an older version of Xorg.

So, I'm "between a rock and a hard place". 2.9.1 works on my PCs, but some Quirky testers report it doesn't.

All versions of xf86-video-intel past 2.9.1 fail with an error message in /var/log/Xorg.0.log:

Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration

My guess is that the intel driver is now dependent on a KMS-enabled kernel, which Quirky doesn't have. I googled around and confirmed this:

After version 2.9.0 the -intel driver has dropped support for UMS, and needs KMS enabled in the kernel.

...but, 2.9.0? Quirky is using 2.9.1. Well, that was compiled in T2 and xorg-server 1.7.1, whereas now I'm using xorg-server 1.7.5. I did a test recompile of xf86-video-intel 2.9.1, and now it doesn't work. Hmmmm...

xorg-server 1.7.1
Reiterating what I stated above, this version was compiled in T2 and was used in the very early versions of Quirky.

When I recompiled xf86-video-intel 2.9.1 with this older xorg-server running, hey presto, it works!

So, xf86-video-intel 2.9.1 detects which server is running when it is configured/compiled and will work. I also tried compiling xf86-video-intel 2.11.0 with running xorg-server 1.7.1, but no-go.

Yikes, it's 2.30am. Will finish this off later. I think that I will roll back to xorg-server 1.7.1. Will keep xf86-video-intel 2.9.1, either that or 2.9.0, they are the only two versions that work.

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Partview 2.1

Forum member ecube has upgraded Partview, to fix a problem when a drive has 11 or more partitions:


I have upgraded the package for Quirky.

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Ayttm fixed

Not good, Ayttm is broken in Quirky 1.0. This was because I compiled it in Wary, which has Xorg 7.3 -- it has libxcb-xlib.so.0, which is not in Quirky.

There was an earlier problem, as reported here:

I downloaded the very latest from git:

Have compiled it in Quirky, now it works:

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You2pup broken

Bm reported on both the Quirky 1.0 and Lupu 117 forum threads that You2pup is broken.

I have confirmed, it is broken for me to in Quirky 1.0. It was working before.

Has something changed at youtube.com? Quirky 1.0 has You2pup 1.3-1, so I installed 1.3-2 from here:

...no difference, still broken.

Is it broken on other puppies? I hope it is not just a Quirky/Lupu thing.

I posted a report in the you2pup thread in the forum, will also send a pm to the creator trio.

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Forum member PANZERKOPF has created a neat little viewer for MS CHM help files, named PZCHMView.

It wasn't working in Quirky with SeaMonkey 2.0.4, and I got a bit confused about the reason why.

SM 2.0.4 seems to have a more efficient mechanism for running multiple instances of itself -- it runs one instance only. If I was to type this on the commandline, running the binary executable directly to avoid all other factors:

# /usr/lib/seamonkey/seamonkey-bin file:///usr/share/doc/index.html

...if there is already an instance of SM running then the above operation works but as a separate process and there is an immediate return to the prompt.

It's not too good, but I have to kill the running instance of SM first. I have modified the 'pzchmview' script accordingly, it now works in Quirky.

Here is PANZERKOPF's forum thread:

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Geode, ati, radeon video, snap2 upgrades

All of these upgrades fix bugs in previous version...

I have upgraded Lloyd's Snap2 to version 4.8.

I upgraded 'xf86-video-geode' to version 2.11.8.

I have upgraded 'xf86-video-ati' to version 6.13.0.

Would you guys running Quirky 1.0 and who have the 'geode', 'ati' or 'radeon' video hardware, mind testing these new PETs?

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Osmo 0.2.10

I have upgraded the Osmo personal information manager in Quirky. This introduces a new dependency, libgtkhtml (version 2.11.1).

libgtkhtml is a deprecated library, hasn't been updated since 2007 I think. There are some example applications around the place that use it, including a small one in the libgtkhtml source package. It could be useful in Puppy as a very basic HTML help viewer. I was going to compile libgtkhtml statically with Osmo, but decided to make it a shared library (470KB) so as to explore possibilities of a little help viewer.

Osmo home: http://clayo.org/osmo/

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