Zombie-keys 1.3

I have created a PET package for the zombie-keys addon for SeaMonkey, which will be included in the next Quirky.

I don't want to get carried away with adding addons to SM, as users will have their own preferences. Just a few really basic essentials. SM2 has a neat tool for adding (and uninstalling) addons/extensions, so it is pretty easy to browse and find what ones you like.

The zombie-keys PET package has /usr/share/doc/shortcutkeys.htm, which explains how to use it. Basically, zombie-keys provides simple keyboard shortcuts for entering accented characters. For example, I press CTRL-` key combination then I press a key and I get .

I wanted to put in user-agent-switcher also, but ran into trouble with creating a PET that will preinstall it.

Let's see there should be a web page on zombie-keys. Yes:

And if you want user-agent-switcher:

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sqlite-manager 0.5.15

Ah, one very good thing about the move to SeaMonkey 2.x is that many recent addons for Firefox 3.6 will also work with SM. Including the latest sqlite-manager Sqlite database manager tool.

I have created a PET package for Quirky, just 125KB. That's good, fills a big gap in Quirky's range of "business" applications. This will be in the next release of Quirky.

Note that the full SM browser does not have to be running. Sqlite-manager can start in a window so it looks just like any normal application. I have placed an entry in the Business category of the menu.

Sqlite-manager home: http://code.google.com/p/sqlite-manager/

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BaCon support in Gtksourceview

I have added file 'bacon.lang' to the Gtksourceview template in Woof. When the Woof scripts process the Gtksourceview package this will get added.

Thus, the next release of Quirky will have BaCon syntax highlighting support for text editors that use Gtksourceview. That includes NicoEdit that is builtin to Quirky.

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BaCon 1.0.12

Thanks to vovchik who discovered BaCon:


The BaCon compiler (actually a translator to C then calls gcc) is written in Bash and BaCon. The former requires Bash v4 -- I got an error with the older Bash used in Puppy. However, using Bash version 4.1 I was able to compile the BaCon compiler that is written in BaCon -- this means that Bash is no longer required.

I have created 'bacon-1.0.12-q1.pet' that will be in the 'devx' SFS of the next release of Quirky. It has binary executable /usr/bin/bacon, and in /usr/share/BaCon I have placed a collection of files needed to use BaCon, including documentation.

I have uploaded the PET package:


BaCon home: http://www.basic-converter.org/

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Bash 4.1

Puppy has a very old version of Bash, 1.0.16. I never upgraded as many of our scripts don't work properly with later versions. I took the easy way out.

However, today I was evaluating something that requires Bash v4, so I have created a PET package, 'bash4-4.1-q1.pet', uploaded here:


I named the executable 'bash4' so that when installed it won't cripple Puppy.

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Snap2 backup utility

Forum member lstandish (Lloyd) has developed a backup program that uses 'rsync':


I have now included this in Quirky. Quirky 1.0 already has Pbackup and Pmirror created by zigbert. I haven't used any of these tools, so I don't know how they compare. Maybe after I release the next Quirky I could get some feedback on whether all three of these are useful or maybe one or two should be dropped -- perhaps they each have some unique features.

Note to Lloyd: With Puppy packages, there must be a hyphen separating package name from version, not an underscore. I have remade the PET accordingly, now 'snap2-4.6.pet'.

I tidied up a few things in the package, for example 'pet.specs':

snap2-4.6|snap2|4.6||Archiving|152K|pet_packages-quirky|snap2-4.6.pet|+rsync|snap2 snapshot backup now!|||official|

Actually, if you were making your PET and don't know where it is going to be hosted, leave fields empty that you don't know the definite value for:

snap2-4.6|snap2|4.6||Archiving|152K||snap2-4.6.pet|+rsync|snap2 snapshot backup now!||||

Note that the original had |puppy|4|official|, but the "puppy" and "4" is only for a binary compiled application, designating in what distro and release it was compiled in. A non-compiled distro-independent PET package should leave those fields empty.

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Homebank icons problem

I have compiled Homebank 4.2.1 and it works, except the icons are missing in the Preferences window. Starting from a terminal, I get messages like this:

(homebank:21695): Gtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon 'prf-euro' for stock: Icon 'prf-euro' not present in theme

...which I don't understand at all, as the icons are present, in /usr/share/icons/hicolor.

I looked at the Homebank bug reporter:

...but there is no bug report related to this. So why just me? Has anyone compiled this and figured out the icons?

Note, I configured like this:
# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --without-ofx

Also, before running "make install" you have to set the execute attributes on all the top-level scripts -- it's dumb that they have never fixed that -- could be they are developing in Windows, which might account for my icons problem.

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ROX-Filer 20100408smw-patched

As reported recently in my blog, Thomas Leonard, the founder and chief maintainer fixed a focus problem that ROX-Filer has with GTK >=2.18.

There is also another problem with SeaMonkey 2.x and Firefox 3.6.x. Drag-and-drop is broken. If you don't know about drag-and-drop from the browser window to a Rox window, it is great -- instead of downloading something in the normal way, just drag it to a Rox window and a terminal will open and wget will run. For my satellite connection I have found wget to be more reliable.

Thomas has also fixed that. He posted a snapshot of the source with the fix, but I don't recall where (their mail list?) and he may not have put the fix into trunk as he commented that it is really a bug in Mozilla source and should be fixed by them.

The Rox source needs a couple of patches for Puppy, which I have done. Find 'rox-filer-20100408smw-patched.tar.gz' here:

username: pXupXpy password: liXnuXx (remove the Xs)

I have created a PET package for Quirky (will upload soon). If you want to compile it yourself, it is a bit different from normal source packages...

Firstly, compile and install shared-mime-info 0.71:
# ./configure --prefix=/usr
# make
# make install

Compile Rox:
# ./ROX-Filer/AppRun

...that will not install. Manually update the rox_filer 2.9.0 PET package by dragging the new files inside ROX-Filer directory (not the sub-directories).

I'm running the new ROX-Filer now, runs fine, and I have confirmed that drag-and-drop works. Don't know about the GTK focus problem though, as Quirky has GTK 2.16.6.

As Rox no longer has the focus problem (supposedly), I have removed this from /etc/profile in Woof:

if [ `grep -E '^gtk\+-2|^libgtk2.0' /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages | head -n 1 | cut -f 3 -d '|' | cut -f 2 -d '.'` -ge 18 ];then

...that was a workaround to fix the focus problem. It was reported though that it might not be good for some other apps.

Things are looking pretty good, re getting rid of these outstanding bugs. The only remaining reason that I reverted SeaMonkey to 1.1.18 from 2.0.4 is that of it not playing mms and rtsp streams. Well, have to live with that one -- ff 3.6 has the same problem.

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JWM is back

Reports are that Joe's latest JWM, revision 492, is very good. There was a problem with the Dillo window not displaying, which is now fixed.

JWM is just that little bit snappier than Openbox and Fbpanel, so I am reverting. The next release of Quirky will have JWM.

I have also thrown in SGTT, a very basic time-tracker application:

Jemimah found SGTT and also some other little time utilities:

...I have only checked out SGTT so far.

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Technosaurus mentioned that SeaMonkey can now use Hunspell for spell checking, and so can Abiword via Enchant, so there is the possibility of getting rid of duplicate dictionaries.

I compiled Hunspell 1.2.10 and got an en-US dictionary from the Ubuntu repository. I then compiled Enchant 1.6.0 with ispell and myspell/hunspell plugins.

I compiled SeaMonkey 2.0.4 configured to use Hunspell.

It all works.

The 'hunspell-en-us-1.pet' that I created can easily be used as a template for any other language. They can be obtained from packages.ubuntu.com, search for packages starting with "hunspell".

Another good thing, this time I was able to compile SeaMonkey 2.0.4 so that email attachments work.

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