Wary Puppy 5.1.103 (5.2beta1)

Finally got this one uploaded. This is the first beta of the upcoming Wary 5.2. Download from here:


The link also has xdelta files to upgrade from Wary 5.1.99 (5.2 alpha).

There are some known issues with this release:

1. Ogle control panel
If you plug in a DVD, and then click either the 'play' icon on the desktop or the 'sr0' drive icon on the desktop, Ogle will automatically start. However, in the latter case the GUI control panel is non-responsive. I don't yet know why the difference in behaviour.

2. BootManager hangs
This bug is still there. At second bootup, after having created a save-file, if any suitable .sfs files are found at /mnt/home, the BootManager will automatically start -- but it hangs if try to use it, requiring CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to get out. On the other-hand, click the tray and choose 'kill' will close the BootManager. The BootManager can be started later and it will work. I have not yet found out why this is happening.

3. Media players incompatible?
Ffmpeg has been compiled, latest from SVN. This may have API changes from the previous version in Wary, which may compromise the media player PETs such as Smplayer and Gnome-mplayer -- we probably will need to recompile them. And anything else that uses the ffmpeg libraries. I have already recompiled mplayer which is builtin to Wary.

There is another experimental theme:

Wallpaper: wary_spangles_futwerk.jpg (thanks to futwerk)
Desk icon set: LaGaDesk Bluenight (with slight mods)
JWM: blue variety (my creation)
GTK: Delicate Blue (my creation)

...I don't know if the JWM and GTK themes go very well with the icon/wallpaper themes.

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NicoEdit retired

Terryphi has reported that NicoEdit crashes when choose File -> Open in Racy. I have confirmed that. I recompiled NicoEdit in Racy, still crashes.

NicoEdit is written in Vala, but is unmaintained. I did ask Nicolas, the author, about maintaining it awhile back, but he replied that he has moved on.

So, I have taken it out of Wary and Racy. Geany is all we need, and I think that I saw on the Forum that the guys have got syntax highlighting for BaCon working in Geany, so Geany now covers everything.

Note, I have compiled the latest libgee, 0.7.1, for Wary/Racy. However, I will leave it out of the build as I think only NicoEdit needed it.
Libgee is a library that adds extra data types to Vala.

This raises another question: what do we need gtksourceview for? NicoEdit used it. Notecase can be optionally compiled to use it I think. Hmmm, I think that I will take that out too.

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Media packages upgraded

I have upgraded some multimedia packages, that did not get upgraded in the last round through T2. This is in Wary. In some cases I just recompiled the package without a version upgrade, to ensure 100% compatibility in the latest Wary. This is them:

x264 20110930
speex 1.2rc1
opencore-amr 0.1.2
libvpx 0.9.7
ffmpeg 20111002
mplayer 20110929
ogle 0.9.2 (patched)
ogle_gui 0.9.2 (patched)

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ePDFView 0.1.8 crashes in Wary/Racy

Testing in both Wary and Racy 5.1.99, ePDFView 0.1.8 crashes if try to print.

I recompiled poppler 0.16.7 and ePDFView, no difference. I rolled ePDFView back to version 0.1.7, now printing works.

I looked at the ePDFView changelog:

...I see that support for poppler >= 0.15 is added. So, the older ePDFView is working ok with poppler 0.16.7, presumably just not using it's newer features. Which should be fine, as long as they haven't changed the API in poppler.

I'll leave it at that, ePDFView 0.1.7 and poppler 0.16.7. If there is any trouble, I can roll poppler back also.

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udev 167 with all rules

Mavrothal put in a request for this. The 'common' repo has a udev 167 PET that has cut-down and customised rules especially for Puppy.

I have created PET packages of the original udev 167 with all of the rules. These are for experimentation purposes.

PETs (169KB, 3KB, 32KB):

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'scanpci' broken in Racy

the Xorg 7.6 Mega Package post-install script is supposed to delete any pre-existing 'scanpci' executable, but failed to do so.

Note, for Xorg 7.5+ we use 'lspci' instead.

I have fixed the package and uploaded it:

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Wary 5.1.99 (5.2 alpha)

This is the first alpha of what is to become Wary 5.2.


You might not see any difference from previous Wary versions. Lots of packages upgraded though, so it is mostly changes "under the bonnet".

There is one known bug. I have not yet determined the cause of this or exactly what circumstances cause it. After the first shutdown and creating a save-file, on next bootup the BootManager runs -- clicking any button in the BootManager hangs it, in fact hangs all applications, although the mouse and keyboard still work.

The workaround, if this happens, is to press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, then "xwin" to restart X, then when the BootManager starts don't try to use it -- instead, right click on the BootManager item in the taskbar and choose "Kill".

The weird thing is, if you start the BootManager via the "System" menu, it works ok.

It's a weird bug, and I am letting it rest in my brain for awhile. Will feel inspired to solve it soon.

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Racy 5.1.99 (5.2alpha)

I stopped uploading earlier, as it got too slow. However, I did manage to upload Racy. Wary is still uploading.

Racy 5.1.99 is "Wary on steroids", the same as Wary except built with Xorg 7.6 (X server 1.11.0) and PAE-enabled i686 kernel.

So, like Wary, but designed for very modern hardware.

Note that for now I have left the "file prefix" as "wary", for example 'warysave.2fs'. A bit later I intend to change that to "racy" so as to differentiate it some more from Wary.

The intention is that the entire collection of apps for Wary will also run in Racy. I have been aiming for very close binary compatibility, despite the bump in the Xorg and Mesa libraries.

The Xorg 7.6 Mega Package can also be installed in Wary, which means that you will get support for later video hardware. But, very important, you will still be using the 2.6.32.x kernel, which might not have drivers for the latest hardware.

For example, my new laptop -- the 2.6.32.x kernel does not have a driver for the ethernet interface, the 2.6.39.x kernel does.

The 2.6.32.x kernel does not have the 'nouveau' nVidia kernel driver, so although the Xorg 7.6 Mega Package has the 'nouveau' Xorg driver, it won't work without the corresponding kernel driver (the post-install script detects the inappropriate kernel and deletes the nouveau Xorg driver so it won't cause any conflict).

Regarding nVidia, with Wary you do have the Xorg 'nv' driver, or you could install the commercial nVidia driver.

With Racy, you will have a choice of all three.

Wary and Racy have my new 'stark' theme. An experiment, I have been looking at it for almost a week now and I am already tired of it. So, it will probably only have this one public appearance.

Anyway, anyone who would like to play with Racy and provide feedback, get it from here:

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Wary "5.2" and Racy progress

Just a quick note. Things are looking good. I built "Racy", which is Wary except with Xorg 7.6 and PAE kernel, using it now.

A bit on the chubby side, 134MB, but it has SeaMonkey 2.3.2 and the full Mesa (with all the DRI drivers, which are enormous -- many puppies are built with only the software-rasteriser DRI driver). I chose gzip compression for the SFS file in the live-CD, but this kernel supports xz compression of Squashfs files so that could be done if smaller size is desired -- Woof asks which one to use at build time.

Anyway, I have a small to-do list, probably need one more day. Then there are a huge number of PETs to upload, likely to take several hours. After that, expect Wary 5.2-beta and Racy uploads.

Woof has lots of fixes too, so I will also be uploading that. In 1-2 days.

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xf86-video-vesa 2.3.0 crashes

When I recompiled everything in T2, I used the latest xf86-video-vesa, 2.3.0. I used this for both the Xorg 7.3 compile and the Xorg 7.6 compile.

Running the standard Wary, that is with Xorg 7.3, I was getting strange behaviour with the vesa driver. On two out of three computers tested, the desktop came up okay, but clicking anywhere crashed X. X did log a message to /tmp/xerrs.log that it was "waiting to exit" or words to that effect, but no information anywhere about why it was waiting to exit.

I found that rolling back to xf86-video-vesa 1.3.0 fixed it, at least on one PC tested so far.

I just checked Debian Lenny, they use xserver-xorg-video-vesa 1.3.0. Lenny is an Xorg 7.3+ system.

However, the Xorg 7.6 Mega package has vesa 2.3.0 in it.

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