Touchpad etc., fix for Xorg 7.6

This now running so beautifully on my laptop. I have fixed some things with the automatic setup of X.

When the user installs the Xorg 7.6 Mega Package, a message pops up to advise exit from X and run either "xorgwizard" or "xorgwizard-automatic", the latter recommended as first attempt.

I have fixed some things in xorgwizard-automatic and in /etc/x11/xorg.conf-auto-pc (that the Wizard reads for skeleton xorg.conf file). These are fixes in Woof.

Touchpad can be configured now, Flsynclient works.

I'm running with the Intel Xorg driver, at 1366x768. Regarding speed, I was earlier today playing with Fatdog64, and did some rough timings. Running Wary with Xorg 7.6, the timings are about the same. So, I can't see any difference in speed.

I have tentatively decided to name this enhanced Wary "Racy Puppy".

Next thing on the to-do list, I want to compile the most recent 2.6.x kernel to use with Racy, mostly because I want the 'nouveau' Xorg driver support (nVidia), which the 2.6.32 kernel doesn't have. I cannot yet go up to a 3.x kernel as there are some scripts in Puppy that are hard-coded to expect "2.6".

And, looking ahead, I will probably build Racy in Woof, all ready to go with Xorg 7.6 and recent kernel.

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New "stark" theme for Wary

The Wary "5.2 alpha" will have an experimental theme, collectively named "stark".

It is composed of:

Wallpaper: wary_stark.png (rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/backgrounds in Woof)
Icon set: (based on area042)
JWM theme:
GTK theme:

The PETs will be uploaded later.

This theme will not necessarily be in 5.2-final, it is an interesting experiment with, well, starkness.

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Xorg 7.6 Mega Package for Wary

I have created a "Mega Package" to upgrade Wary from Xorg 7.3 to 7.6. Note, I was earlier referring to it as an upgrade to 7.5, but in fact it is 7.6.

This upgrade PET will be made available when the first alpha of Wary 5.2 is released. Soon.

The good news, on my new laptop (Acer Aspire 5742G) the Intel driver now works. With Xorg 7.3 I had to use the 'vesa' driver, and as '915resolution' cannot recognise my Intel hardware, I cannot run at the native 1366x768', instead have to use 1024x768.
But, with the proper Intel driver I now have 1366x768 resolution.

Another bit of good news is that /usr/sbin/xorgwizard-automatic (the fully automatic Xorg Wizard) got me to the desktop with correct Intel driver and resolution.

There is also some bad news...

The 'vesa' driver is incredibly slow. Everything is sluggish, the mouse pointer is jerky, scrolling is painful. Unusable.

Over the last three years I have come to expect the Intel Xorg driver to be less than satisfactory. Unfortunately, my expectation was once again fulfilled.
It works ok, seems fairly snappy but I haven't stress-tested it yet. What is annoying is the bits of cruft left behind on the screen -- Intel can't seem to get that right. It is only sometimes, we can live with it, well, we have to.

More things to do. Next-up will be to fix Flsynclient, which also needs to be upgraded to work with Xorg 7.6.

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gcc was broken

I was exasperated last night, in my latest experimental "5.2" build, gcc was broken. It complained:

error: stdarg.h: no such file or directory
error: stddef.h: no such file or directory

It took me hours to fix, I was getting fed up. But eventually I found a post that explained exactly what the problem was. Some files were missing from my gcc package.

My T2 build environment still has the bug that has been reported before in this blog, it requires that I have to recompile gcc in a running Puppy and create new PET packages. Yeah, I did that, but the "new2dir make install" left out some files. Those two, 'stdarg.h' and 'stddef.h', plus some more were missing, they were supposed to be here:


The post that solved it for me, thanks to that guy. He/she explained that if you run:

gcc -v hello.c -o hello

...the "-v" shows whereabouts gcc is looking for it's inbuilt include files, and that is how I discovered the missing files.

Yay, gcc is working!

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Wary "5.2" progress

A couple of days ago I reran the compile in T2, and then imported all of the T2 binary packages to PETs. I now have a big collection of PETs that will be uploaded soon.

I have built Wary, currently at version 5.1.94, running it now, looking real good.

Give me another 4-5 days, and I should have the first beta of Wary "5.2" ready to go.

I also expect to have an upgrade PET for Xorg 7.5, that is intended to be seamlessly compatible with Wary and all apps. We shall see.
...that really has been the whole point of my "5.2" experiment.

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SeaMonkey 2.3.2

I have just compiled SeaMonkey 2.3.2.

I don't know... the quality control seems to have slipped, they are bringing out new releases without proper testing.

I reported that the Composer component in SM 2.2 is broken:

Ok, so now the image doesn't duplicate when I click on it. But, the right-click menu still has "Image properties..." greyed-out. I can select "Format/Image Properties..." from the main menu, and that works ok.

I never reported this bug myself, as I thought there are so many users of SM, and this is such an obvious bug, it is sure to be fixed.

It is not a show-stopper bug, just very confusing for someone using Composer for the first time.

SM 2.3.2 installs into /usr/lib/seamonkey-2.3.1, another sign of a rush job.

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Was away

I was away from home all day yesterday, so nothing happened in the Puppy department.

Home this morning, and back onto the experimental Wary "5.2" (I really should have a codename for this, not just "5.2"!)

I am running the T2 builds again, for both cases, compiling with Xorg 7.3 then again with Xorg 7.5. I fixed a few things the first time around.

Once I have the T2 build compiling nicely, I intend to make it into a big tarball and upload it, so others will be able to reproduce my work. Although based on the official T2 from SVN, my T2 is heavily customised.

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dhcpcd problem

Just a quick note, in case anyone else is experiencing this problem.

I am building experimental Wary's, and I find that when I connect to my wireless network, dhcpcd drops out.

However, if I install the dhcpcd PET (from Wary ibiblio repo) -- the same PET as used in the build by Woof -- dhcpcd then works.

I tested this a few times, got same result. That would indicate that some file in the dhcpcd PET is getting changed by some other package when built in Woof.

This is on my to-to list. But, for anyone experiencing same problem, try installing the PET.

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ePDFView 0.1.8

I have compiled the latest. Project page:

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Poppler 0.16.7

I noticed that the version of Poppler (PDF rendering library, used by ePDFview) compiled in T2 is rather old, so I have compiled the latest, 0.16.7.

Hmmm, it complained about a conflict in zlib.h, it turns out that zlib.h in zlib 1.2.5 (the latest) is broken. Most of the distros patch it, but T2 doesn't. The stock zlib.h in zlib 1.2.5 works for most cases.

Anyway, I patched it:

Then Poppler compiled ok.

I also modified the template for Poppler in Woof, to create extra symlinks for those cases where apps are linked against older versions of libpoppler*.

This is happening in my experimental Wary "5.2".

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