rerwin: modem firmware PETs

Rerwin has moved more modem firmware out of Woof into PETs. He has also updated some firmware PETs that I uploaded previously. See 'modem_firmware_packages-complete set-20121007.tar.gz' posted to Forum:

The PETs have been uploaded to the 'noarch' and 'common' repos.

Woof commit:

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01micko: delete params on Exec line

The script /usr/local/petget/ has code to delete extra parameters prefixed with "%" on the "Exec=" line in .desktop files.
For example "Exec=gimp %U" will have the "%U" deleted.

It seems that Billtoo has reported a problem with this, and 01micko has proposed alternate code:

...which is a bit of a problem for me, as I can't see anything wrong with my code, and I don't have the explicit example of when it "goes wrong".
However, I have implemented 01micko's change. It will be in the next upload of Woof.

01micko posted a useful reference on these extra parameters:

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rerwin: modems: module loading fix

Rerwin has posted improvements to scripts /sbin/pup_event_modprobe_backend_protect and /etc/rc.d/functions4puppy4:

Woof commit:

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Modem firmware: ltmodem, pctel, slmodem

Rerwin has extracted this firmware from Woof to separate PETs:

I have uploaded the PETs (599KB, 2KB, 2KB):

Woof commit:

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ESS modem driver

Rerwin has compiled the ESS modem driver for the 3.2.29 kernel used in Precise Puppy, and has extracted the ESS firmware from Woof to a separate PET:

I have uploaded the PETs (2KB, 187KB):

Woof ESS changes (plus a few other things):

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PPM: category translations

L18L reported a problem with category names not translated in PPM post-install window:

I have fixed it. Maybe a clumsy way to do it, but it is a fix. Woof commit:

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Langpack post-install script

I recently modified the '' script in langpack PETs, reported here:

See also a slightly earlier report:

I have responded to queries from rodin.s and L18L in the top link.

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Multiarch: builtin files-list

Reiterating the history, Puppy contains lists of builtin files in /root/.packages/builtin_files, as explained here:

We ran into a problem with Ubuntu/Debian multiarch. Puppy introduced symlinks to force files back into "normal" locations:

However, those symlinks broke the code that composes the builtin files-lists, as reported by mavrothal: the above thread explained, I applied a fix, but it was not 100% successful. So, I have now applied a fix for the fix. The appropriate script is '3builddistro' and is in this Woof commit:

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defaults-chooser internationalized

Default Applications Chooser version 0.8 is in all recent puppies. This was created by sc0ttman:

Vicmz advised that this has been internationalized by shinobar:

Thanks guys, I have updated the PET in the 'noarch' repo (6KB): PET does not have the 'ja' translation (or any others), as that belongs in a langpack.

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Planner menu double-entry

I reported that Planner project manager is in the menu under both 'Business' and 'Utility' categories. Foo- replied that the "ProjectManagement" category is listed in both /etc/xdg/menus/ and, hence appears in both menus.

Yes, we often have this conflict. Project management can apply to both business and code-development projects. I am placing code-development related apps under Utility.

So, I decided to leave the double-entry as-is.

The Planner PET compiled in Wary also works fine in Precise Puppy, so I have added the PET to the Precise build. It's a very good app to have in the base suite builtin to Puppy.

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