PPM: dependency search deeper, faster

I have been puzzling over this for the last three days, finally nailed it.

When you click on a package in the PPM, then on "Examine dependencies" button, the script 'dependencies.sh' searches for all missing dependent packages. I have been using 'vlc' (audio/video player) for most of my testing, as that has a lot of missing deps -- 72 in fact.

Previously, not all missing deps were being found, also the search was slow. Also, the "hierarchy view" was not what I intended it should be.

I have fixed all three of those. Now, dependencies.sh goes down up to 11 levels searching for missing deps, and does it fast. The "hierarchy view" now looks like what it should be.

There are two scripts that I have modified, dependencies.sh and installpreview.sh. Woof commit:

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Woof: for Precise beta5

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.3.91 (beta5):


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PPM: deps versioning re-fixed

The previous announcement about fixing versioned dependencies:

However, I found that was broken. One significant problem is that it did not find any dependencies below "level 1", that is, nested dependencies.

So, I reverted that fix, then re-implemented it. Woof commit:

Note, the code that npierce created was pretty good. The logic of this part of the PPM is mind-bending, even for me, so getting it just-right is far from easy. Npierce's work was a good starting point for me to look at where the fixes are required.

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PPM: repo radiobuttons fixed

This is an ancient bug! Users have reported that after selecting repositories in the Configuration window, then (after restarting ppm and) back in the main window, the repo radiobuttons were incorrect.

I had some very messy code in script /usr/local/petget/pkg_chooser.sh, now cleaned up, and that bug fixed.

Woof commit:

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PPM: deps versioning fixed

A Puppy-format package database entry has a dependencies field that may have optional versioning, examples:


Where the operators may be:
&ge, &gt, &eq, &le, &lt

...this was documented awhile back in my blog.

At the time, I didn't quite implement it fully in the Puppy Package Manager, or rather I did but didn't test it. Forum member npierce has been investigating this, and has posted a solution to the Forum:

This fix looks good, I have put it into Woof:

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Precise buglets fixed

01micko reported that at first bootup, when QuickSetup runs, making a change that requires a restart of X, then at restart there is no "welcome1stboot" nor the two barks.

Yes, this is a logical bug in /usr/sbin/delayedrun, and is a Woof-level bug applying to all pups. Fixed, will be in next Woof upload.

Clicking on the clock, bottom-right of tray, is supposed to bring up a calendar, however Precise Puppy is missing the 'minixcal' PET. Fixed. This is not a Woof bug, as such, or rather it is, as the package-list used to build Precise is in Woof.
But it is really classified as a Precise bug.

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Timezone fix

Forum members shinobar and ramachandran reported that timezone files are missing out of /usr/share/zoneinfo. This problem is in Precise Puppy beta3, not in beta2.

Beta3 is built from upgraded 12.04.1 DEBs, and the 'tzdata' package has been updated, which is the culprit.

The layout of files in /usr/share/zoneinfo has changed dramatically. If this change has been done by the 'tzdata' developers, not Debian or Ubuntu developers, then this problem is going to affect all Puppy builds as they move to latest tzdata.

I have fixed the 'glibc' template in Woof, so now all files are in /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Woof commit:

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/dev/sda16+ not recognized

Forum member eps reported this. It applies to all puppies.

The nodes in /dev in the initrd are static, and only go up to sda15. Thus, if a hard drive has more partitions, they are not recognized.

After bootup, when the main filesystem is running, the kernel will auto-create the extra nodes if new hardware is plugged in, but not in the case of an internal drive present at bootup.

However, eps found that running Gparted does cause the extra device nodes to be created.

In Woof, I have created extra nodes for the initrd, up to sda23. I also did the same thing for the main filesystem.

Woof commit:

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rerwin: 3+ fixes

There were a couple of oversights in my previous application of rerwin's '3' and '3a' fixes for Woof, as rerwin has posted about here:

I have applied those fixes. I also found a "-E" is needed for grep on one line, otherwise the search will always return nothing, in script functions4puppy4.

Explanation: a default grep expression treats "|" as just another string character, whereas extended-regular-expression treats it as a OR operation (latter is what we want).

Woof commit:

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PPM: mark already-installed pkgs

01micko discovered a bug in the Puppy Package Manager, running Precise Puppy beta3. A search for "xserver-xorg-video-radeon" has a hit, however that package is already installed. There was no indication of that fact, furthermore, clicking the 'Examine dependencies' button did not work.

Now, the icon of an already-installed package displays the /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons/mini-tick.xpm icon, also the string "(ALREADY INSTALLED)" is prefixed to the description field.

Also, the 'Examine dependencies' button is removed for an already-installed package. The package can still be installed however, in case there is a need to re-install it.

Woof commit:

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