MoManager: multiple scripts one TEXTDOMAIN

This is great news, I have unleashed MoManager. Now, you can have one TEXTDOMAIN for multiple script. Also, a pre-existing .pot file will be automatically used.

If multiple scripts have the same TEXTDOMAIN, for example:
export TEXTDOMAIN=myapp
then just one myapp.pot file and hence file will be created for all of those scripts.
Some people prefer this, as it is more efficient than having one .pot file for each script.

Note that these multiple scripts with same TEXTDOMAIN can be located anywhere. They do not have to be in the same directory.

Pre-existing .pot
A pre-existing .pot, for example /usr/share/doc/nls/myapp/myapp.pot, will automatically be used, instead of generating it from the script(s).
I could not see any reason why this should not be automatic.

Check out the changes in /usr/sbin/momanager, Woof commit:

A note about entering the TEXTDOMAIN into scripts:
export TEXTDOMAIN=myapp not put quotes, do not append any comment, do not indent! Any of those might break MoManager.

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MoManager: one .pot for many scripts

A problem with MoManager was reported to this blog:

And solutions proposed on the Puppy Forum:

The solution proposed by L18L looks good. I presume for the example of 'pprocess', that the scripts 'box_ok' and 'func' will not have the "export TEXTDOMAIN=..." declaration?

I have implemented L18L's solution, Woof commit:

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Host Woof on ARM board

So far, the host system on which I have used Woof is an x86 computer. So when building a Puppy for an ARM board (such as the Raspberry Pi), I have specified host as "x86" and target as "arm" in Woof -- this is asked for in script 'merge2out'.

There are various problems with this "cross build", one of which is that certain operations (such as 'depmod') cannot be performed on the target environment, and they have to be deferred until first bootup of Puppy on the target board.
This is one of the factors that causes first-boot to be slow.

I have now added some armv6 executables needed to run Woof in an ARM environment, that is, host and target can both be "arm". Woof commit:

I haven't tried it yet. I will probably have a go at that tomorrow. It needs to be done with a USB hard drive, and probably the Raspberry Pi can handle it.

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Fixed f.s. check at bootup

A full installation of Puppy will perform a filesystem check at bootup if there was a previous abnormal shutdown. I did some work on this for the Raspberry Pi Puppy alpha4, see earlier blog posts:

You might be interested in one of the original blogs post about this mechanism:

However, the mechanism is still broken in RP Puppy alpha4. I have now fixed it, see Woof commit:

...see script /sbin/initNEW, that becomes /sbin/init in a running Puppy.

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RP: alsaconf broken

The 'alsaconf' script does not work on the ARM boards, due to absence of modules.pcimap and modules.isapnpmap. Perhaps the script could be modified to work without those?

Anyway, I have disabled 'alsaconf' for the ARM board. Woof commit:

Well, well, I actually got sound out of my RP! Just one song, /usr/share/audio/ivy.mp3. None of the other audio files in /usr/share/audio work.

I played it like this:

# playmusic /usr/share/audio/ivy.mp3

'playmusic' is thunor's frontend to various players, including 'mplayer'. It wouldn't play the other files.

The 'aplay' utility doesn't work at all. I also tried 'wavplay' to play /usr/share/audio/2barks.wav, no go, it just hung. fact, after playing one file, all the players hang and nothing else will play. Even that 'ivy.mp3' only played once.

This is testing on Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha4.

I am not going to mess around with this anymore. The kernel sound driver needs to be fixed.

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Disable text-mode xorgwizard on ARM boards

The text-mode Xorg Wizard is not appropriate for the ARM boards.

Woof commit:

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Woof: builds pup from Raspbian pkgs

It is pre-alpha as although there is a desktop, some things are broken. But yes, Woof can now build a Puppy from Raspbian Wheezy DEBs.

Woof commit:

There is a mystery. Some shared libraries, that were compiled in Squeezed Arm Puppy (built from Debian Squeeze DEBs) do not work.
For example, 'ldd' reports that /usr/lib/ is "not a dynamic executable".

Huh? Those libraries work fine in Squeeze. They are "armel", compiled for armv4 architecture, but that is not a problem.

Note, this Woof can now also be used to build from straight Debian Wheezy DEBs. It is the same situation as for Raspbian, just different repositories.

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Woof: Raspbian support, new DB format

01micko posted about a change in the package database format in Debian Wheezy:

Actually, I was looking through the DB files for Raspbian Wheezy, and it has a mix of old and new formats.
Therefore, I have modified script 0setup to automatically detect which format.

I have also added preliminary support to build Puppy from Raspbian packages.

I want to build a pup from Raspbian debs and see if it is sane, then I will upload Woof.

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Woof to build sap6 alpha4

This is the version of Woof used to build Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha4 (for the Raspberry Pi).

Woof commit:

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Full install: f.s. check maximal count

K Godt gave me the idea for this, see previous blog post:

A f.s. check is performed if an abnormal shutdown, now also if maximal mount count reached.

Woof commit:

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