Full install: f.s. check at bootup

For a full installation of Puppy to hard drive, including the SD-card installations for the ARM boards, also known as PUPMODE=2, if there is an abnormal shutdown then there is supposed to be an automatic f.s. check at next bootup. Except that it was broken.

There is no initrd, and the first thing that executes at bootup is /sbin/init in the main f.s. This is a script, that normally passes execution to Busybox init and bootup happens normally.

However, if there is an abnormal shutdown, then the file /fsckme.flg exists at bootup and the /sbin/init script goes into a f.s.-check mode. This consists of creating a ramdisk with a mini-Linux distro on it, "pivot_root" into it, then do a f.s. check of the main partition.

This mechanism was broken, and on the Raspberry Pi Puppy alpha3 it was not happening at all.

I have fixed it, Woof commit:

However, avoid deliberate abnormal shutdowns. Really, they should be avoided completely. If there is one, having a journaled f.s. will not save you from possible file corruption. A f.s. repair at bootup will not save you from potential file corruption either. I wrote about this on my blog recently.

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Woof commit 19ad701efd

This is the Woof used to build Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha3 for the Raspberry Pi.

Woof commit:

Note that sap6 alpha3 was built with an SD-card skeleton image dated 09-July-2012, I will upload that now.

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Woof: getting close to RP pup alpha3

This is the latest Woof upload, with many fixes and tweaks for RP Puppy, the precursor to alpha3.

Woof commit:

I have got a bit more to do, so probably will upload alpha3 in about 2 days from now. It is Monday evening here, so perhaps sometime on Wednesday.

However, that's if I can get enough space on ibiblio.org. That is in great doubt though, anyone got somewhere I can upload to?

In the past, I have received offers to host my files, and I have always replied "she's right mate". I have treated ibiblio.org like a bottomless pit, which it isn't.
Then there's my own site with puppylinux.com, bkhome.org and goosee.com -- my host is hostgator.com -- those guys have warned me sometimes, my site gets too busy. Some of the guys at Hostgator are fans of Puppy, so I think they are extremely tolerant, but there are limits. As my site is now bulging at the seams, I have to think about uploading stuff elsewhere.

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Latest SD image file for RP

I have uploaded my latest SD skeleton image file for the Raspberry Pi. Please not, this is for Woof developers, it does not contain Puppy!

Image file, compressed (2.2MB):


I have taken the time to write a very nice documentation page:

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Enhancing running on SD

Thanks to feedback from mavrothal and others, there have been excellent links to read.

I found these two also:

I am implementing many of the ideas into the next alpha. I have created a new file, /etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED, which has various variables to set how the system can be constrained at bootup.

For example, the "VM writeback time" defaults to 5 seconds, I have changed that to 15 (see second link above).

I have changed the default I/O scheduler to 'deadline' (see first link above).

This is in addition to my SD image now having partitions with 4MB alignment. Also, the main filesystem mounts with 'relatime' (only updates access-time of files sometimes).

The next alpha will also use ext2 and swap will be off (even though the SD card has a swap partition).

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Chromium home page

Here is a little tweak for Chromium, for those interested in configuring this web browser.

In Puppy Linux on the RP, alpha2, the first time that Chromium is run, it opens debian.org web site. Even though I have specified file:///usr/share/doc/home.htm as the home-page in file /root/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences.

The Mozilla browsers are also like this, they ignore the home-page setting on the first startup.

In the case of Chromium, you just have to create a file "/root/.config/chromium/First Run", 0-bytes in size, and at first startup Chromium will go to our Puppy home page. Also, a popup window asking if we want to set the Chromium browser as the default browser is avoided.

I have implemented this in the "chromium" template in Woof:

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Woof version used to build Puppy for RP Alpha2

Woof commit:

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Improve "welcome1stboot" window

The first time that Puppy is booted, after the QuickSetup window comes the "welcome1stboot" window -- with the title "Welcome, woof, woof" -- also, Puppy barks twice.

the SD cards we are booting off now on the ARM boards, are full installations, no layered filesystem, and there is no need for selecting where to save the session at first shutdown.

So, I have modified the welcome window to omit the save-session section when not wanted.

Woof commit:

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Set date if no hardware clock

Squeezed Arm Puppy for the Raspberry Pi is built with 'Psync', an application created by tasmod to set the time/date from the Internet.

The first time that you bootup RP, if there is an Internet connection then QuickSetup will offer to run Psync.

However, if you don't have an Internet connection, then the date will be January 1, 1970. You would have to run 'Set date and time' in the 'Desktop' menu. Running with such an old date can cause problems.

So, I thought that Puppy should detect if there is no hardware clock, then set the date to something reasonable. I modified /etc/rc.d/rc.country and rc.shutdown.
rc.country will set the date/time to that when the Puppy was built (my local time here in Western Australia). rc.shutdown will save the time/date at shutdown, rc.country will read that at next bootup.

So, even though the time/date will be wrong, it won't be wildly wrong. It will also keep updating every time you bootup, but will fall behind, until of course you get onto the Internet.

Woof commit:

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Improved menu assignment

When a Puppy is built in Woof, or a package installed with the Puppy Package Manager (not a PET), placement in the menu has up until now been somewhat unsatisfactory.

For example, the Sylpheed .deb package from Debian Squeeze creates two menu entries, in Network and Internet categories -- the former is not appropriate. Sometimes there is no menu entry created at all when there should be.

I have given this problem some attention and made improvements to scripts 2createpackages and installpkg.sh. Woof commit:

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