Support kbd package

Sometime ago I removed support for setting the keyboard keys layout from the layout files provided by the 'kbd' package. The change was made back in late 2009:

I have now modified the scripts in Woof to recognise if the 'kbd' package is installed, and to use those keyboard layout files. Note, I have not yet tested it.

Woof commit:

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BootManager: SFS handling improved

The BootManager offers to load SFS files at bootup, that is one of it's functions.

However, this cannot be done in the case of a full installation where there is no initrd, and hence no layered filesystem (unionfs or aufs).

I have modified BootManager to recognise this situation and explain how a SFS can be permanently installed by copying the files out of the SFS.

The BootManager also now recognises if shinobar's SFS-Load application is installed, and offers that as an alternative if load/unload on-the-fly is desired.

Woof commit:

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QuickSetup enhanced

I have fixed a couple of things in QuickSetup that GCMartin reported recently.

One of those problems was a confusing button to change the hostname. Another problem was the network-frame sometimes not displaying.

The network-frame has two new checkboxes, to enable the firewall and to enable setting time from NTP server -- the latter will only be displayed if tasmod's Psync is installed.

The NTP checkbox is to make it simpler to setup on small boards like the Raspberry Pi that do not have a hardware clock.

Woof commit:

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Woof used to build sap6 pre-alpha

See previous blog post:

I have uploaded the Woof used to build this pup, commit d3694f3cd8 (June 19, 2012):

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Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.2.60

Woof commit:

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Woof commit 2012-06-03

This is the Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.2.58 (beta1). Commit:

For an introduction to Woof and how to download Woof, go here:

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Getting ready for Precise beta1

I think that I might be able to build Precise Puppy beta1 tonight.

Over the last day or so, I have fixed a few things, updated some PETs, but haven't documented it here.

But, some notes on stuff done this morning...

Pemasu sent me a 'probepart' script that was modified by Jemimah. While I was playing with that, I realised that probepart outputs duplicate /dev/sr0 lines. This seems to be a problem introduced with the 3.2.x kernel. I fixed it, see next Woof commit for details.

Vicmz sent me updated Spanish langpack, and another langpack for LibreOffice. These are uploaded to the 'noarch' PET repo.

Um, thinking back to yesterday: I updated FFConvert, Pburn and sfs_load, added brcm driver firmware to Woof.

Big family outing today, so I'll get back to Puppy stuff this evening.

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PPM: Application icons

I discussed the possibility recently of displaying an icon alongside every package entry in the Puppy Package Manager, and zigbert advised how that can be done with gtkdialog.

So, I have implemented it, for both the Classic and Ziggy user interfaces in PPM. It is optional, set by a checkbox in the Configure panel.

There is a rather heavy price to pay for this bit of extra glamour in the PPM. I created a PET with a large collection of 16x16 xpm application icons. Actually, there are "only" 532 icons, but 3788 symlinks. The PET is 211KB.

It does need some work though, as some of the symlinks are ridiculous. I used a script to create them. It now needs a lot of manual tweaking. Maybe even a 24x24 set would be nice?

PET (211KB):

Woof commits:

I will put this into the next release of Precise Puppy.

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xpm versus png load time

I am creating a set of 16x16 icons for the PPM. Following zigbert's advice, I have got icons working in the PPM main window, and can have a unique icon for each package. That's another topic, I'll announce that soon.

The icons though... if we are going to have an icon for each package, installed or not, that is a lot of icons. Hundreds of them. But, I thought, if I can make the icons small enough, it won't increase the size of puppy much (and, I need to make their usage optional in the PPM).

I found a nice collection of SVG application icons in the Open Icon Library:

I wrote scripts to convert them all to tiny xpm 16x16 images. I will bundle those scripts together here for the record:
for ONESVG in `find open_icon_library-full/icons/svg/apps -type f -name '*.svg' | tr '\n' ' '`

ONEBASE="`basename $ONESVG .svg`"
echo "$ONEBASE"
rsvg-convert -w 16 -h 16 -o png-16x16/${ONEBASE}.png $ONESVG

for ONEPNG in `find png-16x16 -type f -name '*.png' | tr '\n' ' '`
ONEBASE="`basename $ONEPNG .png`"
echo "$ONEBASE"
pngtopnm $ONEPNG | pnmquant 16 | ppmtoxpm > xpm-16x16/${ONEBASE}.xpm

for ONEXPM in `find xpm-16x16 -type f -name '*.xpm' | tr '\n' ' '`
ONEBASE="`basename $ONEXPM .xpm`"
echo "$ONEBASE"
sPTN='s%" c black"%" c None"%'
sed -e "$sPTN" $ONEXPM > xpm-16x16-alpha/${ONEBASE}.xpm

I have a fondness for xpm images, although I realise they are "yesterday's technology'. I like being able to open the file in a text editor!

I was wondering how these tiny images compare, xpm versus png. taking abiword image as an example, sizes in bytes (using default compression factors):

abiword.xpm 663
abiword.xpm.gz 382
abiword.xpm.xz 412

abiword.png 258
abiword.png.gz 277
abiword.png.xz 316

Xz does not do well with such small files, but in a .sfs file would probably get much smaller size.

Well, comparing abiword.xpm.gz and abiword.png, the former is slightly bigger. I wonder if abiword.xpm would get closer to abiword.png size with a bigger data-set as in a squashfs? As it stands, png is the winner here.

But, what about loading time, that is, to read the file and render it on-screen? Given that png images will have to be fed through a decompression routine, I always assumed them to be inherently slower to load than xpm. Xpm does of course need translation of the text, so it also has an overhead. I hunted around on the web couldn't find any comparison data. Perhaps the difference is negligible, and I should just choose the smaller png files.

Regarding size, so far I have created 294 xpm images. If I convert those to png, each about 250 bytes, the total size is about 75000 bytes, about 73KB. That's not too bad. Note, in a squashfs .sfs file there is no such thing as a minimum file size (as when stored separately on a drive), tiny files are packed together and there is no wasted space.

Note, I am not going to put these images into Woof! They will go into a PET. Woof already has too many images. The PET can then be optionally used in a Puppy build.

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Gconv-modules cache

This is amazing. Pemasu and Radky have been puzzling over why gtkdialog-based applications are slow to startup. The amazing thing is, they have found out why, and found the fix. This can shave noticeable startup time off of some apps! And we thought that Puppy was already super-fast!

Here is pemasu's report:

The problem is that Puppy lacks the cache file /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache, which is a compiled data file. The file is created in the Glibc source package when it is compiled, but we never put it into Puppy.

The matter is made worse, because Puppy has always had a cutdown selection of files in /usr/lib/gconv. Therefore, using the cache file as-is is not correct.

I wrote a little script that creates a cutdown /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules, and then a correct /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache is generated using the 'iconvconfig' executable.

The correct files, including the script, are now in Woof, in the 'glibc' template, in /usr/lib/gconv-cut, and FIXUPHACK updates /usr/lib/gconv. Woof commit:

I also put the corrected files into the 'glibc' PET package for Wary. See:

Note: I posted a 'gconv-modules.cache' to the Forum, however that one is not quite correct. The files in the Woof commit are the latest.

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