PPM: bug fix, help update

I reported a bug in PPM here (in Precise alpha3 release):

I have fixed that bug, also have updated the PPM help page. Woof commit:

Translation team
The PPM help page has been updated, so translations also have to be updated.

You can download the Help page:
(if you are logged in, you get a download link)

Precise testers
Precise Puppy alpha3 testers can also grab the latest /usr/local/petget/postfilterpkgs.sh, which has the bug fix:

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PPM: simplifying DEB management

There is something that has been in the back of my mind for awhile. Given that Upups and Dpups are popular, despite the rampant dependencies, increasing complexity and considerable rearranging of file layout (all of which, as a KISS proponent, I find quite depressing), we need to make the best of the situation.

In Woof-built puppies, I undo a lot of the mangling wraught by the Debian and Ubuntu developers. One thing that I do is put many packages back together again. For example, in Precise Pangolin, the Gutenprint package is split up into these:


It is a good thing to have -doc_, -locales_ and -dev_ packages split out, however they often go a lot further than that. The above is a mild example, showing separate library packages.

Now, the difficulty that arises. "Zillions" of little packages displayed in the PPM causes confusion. really, all that you want is to have the correct name of the package displayed, in this example "ghostscript", and PPM has checkboxes for you to filter out the exe, doc, dev, and nls components.

If only the generic names are displayed, this would oh so much simplify and greatly reduce the number of packages displayed in PPM. There could be a checkbox to make this switchable, that is, show all packages or only generic names.

So, if generic names checkbox is ticked, only "ghostscipt" would display instead of all those above. Clicking on the ghostscript entry would then install all of the above, subject to the exe,dev,doc,nls filtering of those checkboxes.

This would, I think, greatly improve the PPM for Debian and Ubuntu repos. I have been thinking about how to code it, and it is do-able. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Just an extra thought, for those who know a lot more about gtkdialog than me: is it possible to have a different icon alongside each package name in the main window? Right now, there is just a list of packages, and you click on the one that you want to install. No icons. But, I think, back when I first coded it, it was possible to have an icon on each row, but only the same icon on every row -- I want to be able to have a unique icon on a row.

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Woof: build Precise Puppy alpha3

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy alpha3 (5.2.55). Last two commits:

Latest: http://bkhome.org/fossil/woof2.cgi/info/a0f79d8bd7

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Precise Puppy progress

Just a short note to let anyone interested, that I am back on developing Precise Puppy. Using it now. I intend to bring out "alpha 3" soon.

Note, I discovered a bug in rc.shutdown, that was introduced recently, like in the last week. I will do another Woof commit tonight with the fix.

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Tray applets internationalised

Rodin.s has internationalised our little tray applets: freememapplet_tray, network_tray and powerapplet-tray, refer to earlier blog thread about Xarchive internationalisation:

I have made these into PETs (4KB, 6KB, 5KB):

The sources are uploaded to my sources repo:

The .pot files have been added to Woof, for the convenience of use with MoManager:

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Xarchive internationalised

I announced support for .rar archive files in Puppy, and we were discussing Xarchive. L18L had reported that the C source is not internationalised, and rodin.s took up the challenge and did it:

Thanks very much! I have compiled the new internationalised Xarchive in Wary and uploaded the PET to the 'common' repo (38KB):

Note, I have not yet updated the ARM PET.

I uploaded the new source to my sources repo (xarchive-0.2.8-6-i18n.tar.gz):

For the convenience of creating translations with MoManager, I have placed the 'xarchive.pot' file into Woof, in rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/doc/nls/xarchive -- MoManager will automatically read this and offer it to be translated.

Woof commit:

I just remembered something. L18L and rodin.s, if you read this, kindly let me know: I think that you guys i18n'ed a couple of the tray apps?
I still have the non-translated versions in the 'common' PET repo. Would you mind posting the links to where you did this work? I will update those also.

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Automounting fixed

Forum member bala4dj asked how to automount drives when they are plugged in:

I replied that the Puppy Event Manager already supports that. Bala4dj replied that it only launches Pmount, doesn't automount.

The Event Manager is in the System menu, and the 'Icon Handler' tab has checkboxes labeled:

Tick box for auto-detection of target application
Tick box for auto-launch 'handler' when media plugged in

The first is ticked by default in Puppy. if the second one is ticked, if you plug in a DVD video then the default DVD player will automatically run. Similarly, plug in a music CD and the default music player will run.

The original intention was that this auto-launching of the 'handler' would also automount a drive if it is plugged in. However, at the time I constrained it to only launch Pmount.

I have now fixed it. If both of those boxes are ticked (and X restarted), if a USB drive is plugged in, all of it's partitions will automount and ROX-Filer windows will open.

Woof commit:

A note to developers about /usr/local/bin/drive_all. When a drive is plugged in, icons get created on the desktop, and corresponding directories get created in /root/.pup_event.
For example, for /dev/sda3, directory /root/.pup_event/drive_sda3 is created, with script 'AppRun' inside it -- that script is a copy of 'drive_all'.
When someone clicks on the 'sda3' icon, 'AppRun' will execute.
The script responsible for setting all this up is /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d, which is launched as a daemon when X starts.

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PPM: Mageia pkgs, bug fixes

I have enhanced the EXE, DEV, DOC, NLS checkboxes in the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) to recognise Mageia package naming.

I took out some common code to new script /usr/local/petget/postfilterpkgs.sh.

I discovered a few bugs that were introduced in recent changes to the PPM, one causes the Configure window to crash.

Woof commit:

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Woof: Mageia build fixed

The Mageia "Drake Puppy" build for the upcoming Mageia version 2, was broken. Forum member scsijon requested that this be fixed sometime ago, I have only now got around to it.

The version 2 repositories do not yet exist, have to build from the 'cauldron' repos. No problem, Woof can be updated after Mageia 2 is released.

The problem was that the support/mageia2ppm script did not work properly. Now fixed, and works nicely for 'core', 'nonfree' and 'tainted' repositories.

I have only tested it as far as running the '0setup' script, and I updated the package list.

Woof commits:
Latest: http://bkhome.org/fossil/woof2.cgi/info/163a8b8e64

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shutdownconfig: minimum size of save-file

Jemimah and Karl Godt observed a problem at first shutdown. It is possible to choose the size of the save-file smaller than the size required to save all the files created in the session.

Karl Godt created a patch for /usr/sbin/shutdownconfig to fix that:

Thanks, Woof commit:

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