Syslinux and /tmp permissions

As justGreg and Marv noted, when running syslinux in the Universal Installer, it outputs a warning message that /tmp has unsafe permissions. A strange message I think, but anyway, Marv found that 'chmod 1777 /tmp' fixes it.

I did the same in Dingo, but then had second thoughts and cleared the sticky bit again. It seems a bit over the top that the author of Syslinux sees fit to output a warning if the sticky bit is not set, and it is only a warning. I'm not sure that I should be restricting removing of files from /tmp to only the owner or superuser. Probably ok, I feel reluctant to set it, for now anyway.

Posted on 11 Apr 2008, 23:18


Posted on 11 Apr 2008, 23:49 by metre9dmt
AbiWord & Gnumeric

Sorry for getting off tangent here. I just read that AbiWord has just come out with a new version, 2.6.2. Would you be including it?

How about Gnumeric?

All the best.

Posted on 11 Apr 2008, 24:49 by BarryK
Abiword version
No, Abiword and Gnumeric will not change for 4.00final.

I posted a couple of weeks ago in these developer news posts about Abiword 2.6.0, and decided against upgrading for now.

Posted on 21 Apr 2008, 18:26 by coolpup
Syslinux latest version
SYSLINUX 3.63 released 2008-04-10.

Posted on 22 Apr 2008, 10:22 by BarryK
RE: /tmp permissions
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, 4.00beta2 has /tmp set to 1777. I decided it is ok.