Dingo has cutdown Xorg drivers

When I built Dingo, it was with the aim of cutting out fat where possible. I virtually put Xorg together file by file, and chose a subset of the video drivers, that I thought would cover most hardware.

The video drivers are at /usr/X11R7/lib/xorg/modules/drivers, and this is the full set:
apm_drv.so ark_drv.so ati_drv.so atimisc_drv.so ch7017.so ch7xxx.so chips_drv.so cirrus_alpine.so cirrus_drv.so cirrus_laguna.so cyrix_drv.so dummy_drv.so fbdev_drv.so glint_drv.so i128_drv.so imstt_drv.so ivch.so mga_drv.so neomagic_drv.so nsc_drv.so nv_drv.so r128_drv.so radeon_drv.so rendition_drv.so s3_drv.so s3virge_drv.so savage_drv.so sil164.so siliconmotion_drv.so sisusb_drv.so tdfx_drv.so tfp410.so tga_drv.so tseng_drv.so vga_drv.so via_drv.so vmware_drv.so voodoo_drv.so

There was a recent post in the forum that someone needs the 'tdfx' driver, so I have now put that into Dingo, as well as the 'voodoo' driver, so this is what is now there:
ati_drv.so atimisc_drv.so i740_drv.so i810_drv.so intel_drv.so neomagic_drv.so nsc_drv.so nv_drv.so r128_drv.so radeon_drv.so sis_drv.so tdfx_drv.so trident_drv.so voodoo_drv.so

Now, the thing is, I don't know if 'tdfx' and 'voodoo' need anything else to run, as some of the drivers need extra files that are located at /usr/X11R7/lib/xorg but may not be in Dingo. I only put in drivers for which I could find the hardware to test on, then I was able to determine any extra files needed.

So, when you get 4.00beta2 and have video hardware that needs 'tdfx' or 'voodoo', give it a go and examine the log file, /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if it was unable to find anything, then let me know.

Xorg will default to using the 'vesa' driver (not Kdrive xvesa) if there isn't a hardwae-specific driver in Dingo, so most PCs should still work, just lacking hardware acceleration. But, if you think that any driver that is left out must absolutely be included, please post a comment. Espcially if you know of any extra files it needs, let me know too.

Posted on 14 Apr 2008, 9:48

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