Pcdripper, ctorrent, Pburn, Pstopwatch, Pnethood updated

Forum member plinej has updated Pcdripper (audio CD song ripper) to version 3.6, see forum thread:

Plinej has updated the ctorrent package from dnh3.2-patched to dnh3.3. See forum thread:

Zigbert has updated Pburn, his CD/DVD/Blue-ray burner application, to version 1.4.2, with help from forum member disciple and others. Forum thread:

Zigbert has upgraded Pstopwatch to version 0.6. See forum thread:

Hairy Will, with help from disciple, has updated Pnethood (Samba shares mounter) to version 0.61. See thread:

Posted on 16 Apr 2008, 19:09


Posted on 16 Apr 2008, 20:07 by disciple
Barry, if I were you I wouldn't update pnethood just yet. It has good feature enhancements, but for some reason I can't get it to mount any Windows 98 shares, so I think on balance v 0.5 is still a better choice.
Maybe someone reading this might have some inside into the problem though :)

Posted on 16 Apr 2008, 20:58 by HairyWill
pnethood is beta quality
Disciple, I would agree with you if the next release was a final or release candidate. Feedback from widespread use of pnethood with cifs will be very useful. I simply don't have enough network environments to test it completely. So far you are the only person to report it failing. Holding it back to 0.5 gives me an opportunity to fix what is probably 1 bug, releasing 0.61 gives me a chance to find and fix all the others :-;

Posted on 17 Apr 2008, 11:02 by disciple
Fair enough