Fix for Network Wizard

Forum member bde discovered a fault in the /usr/sbin/ script in the Network Wizard. It calls the utilities /usr/bin/wpa_supplicant and /usr/bin/wpa_cli, except that the path is wrong, as they are actuallt at /usr/bin. This has come about as we have used diferent versions of the wpa_supplicant package at various times. Anyway, there is no need to specify the path at all in the script, so I have fixed it.

The Puppy 4.00beta bug reports thread in the forum has a discussion between bde and nic2109, and although nic2109 managed to get a workaound, we don't have an actual fix for the Network Wizard. The problem was that nic2109 needed a /etc/eth1wireless file which was not created by the wizard.

Posted on 16 Apr 2008, 22:22

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