Icewm package for Dingo

Forum member ttuuxx has been working on packages of Icewm for Puppy3 and Puppy4. See forum thread:

ttuuxx has used the stable 1.2.x version of Icewm, however for Dingo it is best to use the "testing" 1.3.x series as it uses libraries from GTK2 -- for example, does not require the 'imlib' library. It will work in Dingo without needing any of the extra libraries that ttuuxx supplied in the 'zlib' package.

I was unable to compile it in Dingo -- got a "compiler error", so I compiled it in Puppy 3.01 instead -- and it runs fine in Dingo.

All I have done is confirm that it works -- I ran 'xwin icewm-session' and up she came, tray, menu, desktop -- but I don't have the tray applets like Blinky, nor the icons in the menu. I don't think I've got time to figure those things out. Anyway, my objective here was just to compile the latest 1.3.x version of Icewm (v1.3.2) and provide the binaries, and ttuuxx and others can add the bells and whistles.

Actually, Icewm is running right now, as I type this.

I didn't choose 'lite' version though when configuring. Now, that would be interesting to compare. I have just made my package into a tarball, and it is 719KB. Now I will go and boot Puppy 3.01 and recompile it with 'lite' chosen....

...back again. I tried the configure option '--enable-lite' in 3.01, but compile failed.

Anyway, 719KB is fine. It's working just needs ttuuxx to fix the menu icons and get the volume control (absvolume), Blinky and freememapplet to appear in the tray. Strange about that last one -- I don't have the time to keep working on it, but I did look through the docs that came with the source package and nowhere does it explain how to make the tray capture an applet. The icons, well, I probably haven't got the symbolic link right for Icewm to find them. Anyway, we can get it running nicely for 4.00final (and of course it will run fine in 3.01 since that's where it was compiled).

Posted on 17 Apr 2008, 17:37


Posted on 17 Apr 2008, 18:19 by Lobster
Poodle Power
I am glad Icewm and a stable and great looking JWM are now part of the Puppy equation. People are obsessed with looks. Puppy looks as good as it is. I have never been a fan of dark themes but the dark themes in Warrens Ezpup and in Dingo are now my preference. If I need a burst of energy - I go Citrus powered . . . I have been using the BigDog SFS for the last few days and the Open Office suite (at least) is working - the rest too no doubt Sfs are probably not yet part of the package manager . . .

Posted on 18 Apr 2008, 7:55 by kirk
Icewm doesn't swallow applets into the tray. The applets have to written as eggtray apps. Same with fb/lxpanel. Icewm did build for me in T2. If your looking for a light window manager, checkout what plinej has done with openbox/lxpanel. It's less than 500k as a compressed tar ball. PlineJ has hacked lxpanel to generate it's own XDG menu and where to look for the pixmaps. It's here:

and openbox is here:

I just posted a sfs file that uses them here: