Improved GTK Gradient-grey theme, etc

I designed the super-tiny Gradient-grey theme for GTK, the default in 4.00beta, see /usr/share/themes.

There are really only three images, tab1.png, tab2.png and tab3.png that are used for many GTK widgets, but they lack a border. If two are butted against each other, as in window tabs, there is no indication where one button ends and the next one starts.

Forum member captorofsin has added borders around these images, see forum thread:

I have put these new images into Dingo.

I have upgraded HairyWill's Pnethood to version 0.62.

Kirk suggested that the 'thermal' and 'fan' modules should also be loaded in rc.modules2, in addition to 'battery' and 'ac', as forum member downsouth needs them for his laptop. Done.

Posted on 19 Apr 2008, 7:51


Posted on 19 Apr 2008, 16:54 by coolpup
Thermal and fan modules
Thank you, Mr Kauler, for including these modules. I need them too.

Posted on 20 Apr 2008, 2:28 by jwasys
Your software helped me out many times now, without dissapointment. Thank you.

Posted on 20 Apr 2008, 4:17 by Yangmusa
Mismatched scroll bars in 3.98 beta
First off - I love 3.98 beta, I think it looks a lot more polished than 3.01!

There's something odd about the scroll bars though. The horizontal one has a nice 3d effect, the vertical looks a little odd... I'd guess the graphic used should be rotated 90 degrees for the vertical bar.

See comments & picture in reply to your thread in the forum.