Ndiswrapper works for me

I have tested ndiswrapper in 4.00beta2 and it works fine.

A couple of people reported that it works in 3.01, not in 4.00beta2, but I can see no reason whatsoever for that. Everything is essentially the same as 3.01, and my experience seems to confirm this.

However, I did have one problem, and I think many people are going to encounter this. The native 'acx' module for my Netgear wg311 wireless card does not work, but that is what gets loaded.

I went ahead and chose ndiswrapper and installed the Windows driver, however the Nwetork Wizard is unusable as it shows the wlan0 interface but using the acx driver. The Wizard needs to remove the acx module if ndiswrapper is chosen. This is going to confuse a lot of people.

I did a 'rmmod acx' then ran the Wizard, and then ndiswrapper works fine, and I was able to get online.

But, I would have to blacklist the acx module so that it doesn't load at future boots -- again the Wizard should take care of this.

This is one of the issues that I mean when I raised the question of the network setup usability recently.

Posted on 22 Apr 2008, 19:10


Posted on 22 Apr 2008, 24:28 by dogone
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Barry, this thread seems to address this or a very similar problem.


In my case, after "rmmod acx" (wlan0 disappears), loading my XP driver (tnet1130.inf, etc.) from CD fails with, "invalid driver!".

I can get ndiswrapper to load the driver from the command line, but Network Wizard does not see or list it.