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Upgraded from v3.5 to v3.8.

Upgraded from 1.8.1 to 1.8.4.
UPDATE: sigh, I just posted this message, then read a post from coolpup, Notecase is now at v1.8.8, with bugfixes. So I have upgraded again.

Upgraded from 0.1.6 to 0.2.0.

Forum member Joshas reported that the 'dev' component of the 'startup-notification' package is missing from the 'devx' file. Fixed.

Posted on 25 Apr 2008, 24:18


Posted on 26 Apr 2008, 3:21 by Prit1
Wow & Thanks
Thanks for all the hard work. For me its even difficult to keep track of all the changes you are making. There are so many topics everyday.

I really appreciate all the hard work that you do towards bringing us with this fastest Linux Distro.

Posted on 24 Jul 2008, 4:01 by dogone
OSMO 2.2 available
Version 2.2 now available w/many enhancements:

* Advanced task reminder and event checker
* Importing contacts from SyncML based devices (experimental)
* Day notes browser with filtering and searching capabilities
* A popup menu in the calendar widget
* Alternative view in full year calendar
* Day category can be displayed in day info panel
* Personal data in calendar can be temporary hidden
* A marker for current day with distance metric added
* Three new event markers in calendar widget
* New commandline options
* A lot of improvements and bug fixes
* Added Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Chinese translations
* Updated German, Czech, French, Polish, Spain and Dutch translations