Pidgin preconfigured

Ok, I have managed to preconfigure Pidgin so that sound works, by running the command 'aplay %s'. I also set the default browser as 'defaultbrowser', so it will work if something other than SeaMonkey/Firefox is set as the default.

I was able to create /root/.purple/prefs.xml with just the information needed, leaving out other information in the full prefs.xml file (part of which had my IP address).

A couple of years go, Jonathon Marsden (forum name jmarsden) created a little script to autologin Gaim to #puppylinux at This was popular, and there have been requests to bring it back. It is in 2.17.1, but I think it fell by the wayside for 3.01.

Anyway, I have brought it back for the new Pidgin package. With a bit more informative autologin window.

Posted on 27 Apr 2008, 9:44

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