PPPoE bugfix

I have figured out a bugfix, from information provided by oli.

I also put together a very basic GUI.

Please test, get it from here:

Posted on 28 Apr 2008, 20:29


Posted on 29 Apr 2008, 2:05 by Leon
Testing PPPoE bugfix
Both pppoe_gui and pppoe-setup work fine for me.

I also modified and tested /usr/sbin/connectwizard. Works fine.

See my report and modified connectwizard at:


Posted on 29 Apr 2008, 18:57 by HairyWill
patch for pupdial
Did you see this patch for pupdial to allow quotation marks in INIT2?

Posted on 29 Apr 2008, 23:31 by BarryK
RE: pupdial patch
Ok, I have just downloaded the pupdial patch.

Posted on 29 Apr 2008, 23:38 by coolpup
Barry, Why has the hits counter gone down? It dropped from almost 40,000.

Posted on 29 Apr 2008, 23:59 by BarryK
Re: hits
I haven't got a clue. I'll have to ask the blog author about that one. He must have it resetting periodically or when it reaches a certain value, but why I don't know.