Holiday in Dalwallinu

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Right now I'm at the Telecentre at the little town of Dalwallinu. A "Telecentre" is a community resource centre, particularly for the Internet.

Dalwallinu is about 130Km south of where I live. I was driving to Perth early this morning,and was just cruising into Dalwallinu when the engine stopped dead. Amazing, I pulled to a stop just a few minutes walk from a garage. The mechanic found that the timing belt had broken.

This being a little town, the timing belt has to be ordered from Perth, and it should arrive tomorrow morning. I am a member of the RAC, which is a breakdown service, and they are paying for me to stay overnight at a motel.

Great hey, this is like going on a mini-holiday!

Dalwallinu is a great little town, very nice appearance. I have often admired the place when driving through. Really nice main street. Here is their website:

I can't do anything that I had arranged for Friday though. I'm expecting to arrive in Perth Saturday afternoon.

Posted on 2 May 2008, 14:20


Posted on 2 May 2008, 14:25 by GeoW
Good Luck

I hope this works out OK. When the timing belt
breaks, things that were synchronized and running
around at high speeds can become unsynch while
still at high speeds. They can bang into each other.

This is the voice of sad experience.

Doesn't always happen. Hope it turns out alright
for you. Enjoy your forced rest.


Posted on 2 May 2008, 14:44 by ANOSage
Good Timing!
When the handbook says "replace the timing belt at 50,000mls or three years, whichever comes first", they really aren't joking this time. Another reason not to buy a Mercedes - damage is more extensive, more often and more costly. Nissan still use a timing CHAIN and have solved the problem of it being slightly noisier and more costly.
Notwithstanding - one of those rare occasions when insurance (RAC) actually benefits the insurer rather than the shareholders.
Enjoy your sojourn.

Posted on 2 May 2008, 21:01 by mouldy
timing belt
Way back when, I had a '76 Volvo. Timing belt broke on it out on hiway, it just died and rolled to stop. Pain in rear to find another belt since Volvos werent common where I lived then. But it was simple once I got hold of a spare, I changed it out right there on side of road in less than half hour and was on my way. Not going to do that on modern cars with all the golly gee stuff where you have to half disassemble the car just to get to it.

And some cars especially Hondas, you just know to change belt and water pump (driven by timing belt for some unknown reason) every 60k miles. If not you will demolish the engine should timing belt break or water pump seize and break the belt. Valves hitting pistons not a pretty sight.

Posted on 2 May 2008, 23:12 by Ted Dog
A Place to wait
name "Dalwallinu" is derived from the language of these people and means "a place to wait a while"

Posted on 3 May 2008, 10:47 by urban soul
wait a while
I ended up browsing the dalwallinu's website for half an hour. No doubt: this is a nice place.