puppylinux.org has moved

I moved puppylinux.com to Hostgator a little while ago. Now puppylinux.org, the community managed Puppy site, has also moved to Hostgator (a different account). See the new look-and-feel!


To find out the history, look here:

A special thanks to tombh for this initiative, and to everyone else who has contributed!

Posted on 9 May 2008, 8:43


Posted on 9 May 2008, 8:01 by Raffy
Glad that you liked the new look-and-feel of puppylinux.org.

Tombh was hard at work there, with help from WhoDo, prit1, Oli, HairyWill and many others (the names are there in the links that Barry posted). WhoDo sponsored this year's hosting at Hosgator - hey, thanks!

Contributors to the old wiki will find the old pages here: http://pupweb.org/wikka

Posted on 10 May 2008, 5:35 by dreamstogo
Hostgator Problem
There seems to be a problem with puppylinix.org on hostgator - the site appears to be suspended!

Posted on 10 May 2008, 21:39 by Raffy
High CPU Load
It's due to high CPU load. WhoDo and Tombh are in contact with Hostgator to solve the problem.

Posted on 11 May 2008, 15:38 by Dreamstogo
Works again
Thanks for the update Raffy, it works today, Sunday 11th May.

Posted on 17 May 2008, 19:59 by fred
great move
very nice look and no longer blocked from China.. yeah!