Car still being fixed

I'm still stuck in Perth. I'm itching to get home, as I want to compile the latest kernel -- that's all setup on another PC at home.

I received an email from the mechanic a few days ago:

i didn't find much wrong with your head or pistons just a few bent valve's and 1 rocker arm broken in half i will let you know when i know about the progress

I received another from him yesterday, the engine head is still in Perth. I'm hoping the reconditioner will send it back today (Monday), so I can catch the bus tomorrow -- there are just two buses per week going to Dalwallinu!

Posted on 12 May 2008, 9:49


Posted on 12 May 2008, 14:37 by ANOSage
Bent motor
Sounds expensive. Let's hope they replace the guides on the bent valves. Over here they often don't. You'll soon know by the oil consumption! Your bus service seems not unlike ours since Maggie destroyed our infrastructure along with most other productive elements of our nation.

Posted on 12 May 2008, 22:28 by mouldy
If aluminum head, I either go for guarenteed used head or factory reconditioned head from parts store. Both which you can get quickly. Aluminum heads warp easily and manufacturers dont use real cam bearings in them, just machine perch for cam in the casting so if off bit, the cam journals wipe out quick.

Now old school cast iron heads especially on a OHV engine can warp a bit with no problem as long as head gasket seals. Thats the direction I go anymore. I can just go to junk yard and buy used head. I have little carbide jig that lets me reface valves and then I hand lap them and voila, short of an unseen crack I have decent replacement head for real cheap. My trouble is now as these engines become older and older (everything is aluminum now), not being able to find good used parts. Then again these engines with even bit of care can last 300,000 to 400,000 miles with no problems and I doubt I drive anywhere close to that many miles during the rest of my life.