Home sweet home!

What a relief. The only small problem with the car is that the mechanic could not find where to reconnect one small rubber tube. There's this flatish-round metal thing, has tubes on either side and one wire coming out. One of the tubes goes off somewhere, the other one seems like it is supposed to connect somewhere on the fuel/air intake, but the mechanic looked for sometime, could not find where, so he just blocked the end of the tube with a bolt.
The car runs alright. Probably it has some function to optimize the air/fuel ratio. Anyway, next time I go to Perth I'll get a GM Holden mechanic to fix it.

As to the cost... 1400 Australian dollars, about 1300 US. That's more than I spent on the trip to India. It has put a big dent in my savings, so I might take on a bit of work soon. That Perth Royal Show gig isn't until October, so I will do something else for a couple of weeks.
Don't get the wrong idea -- I still have cash in the bank, it's just that I like to have a couple of thousand at least in reserve -- for exactly this kind of situation. So there's nothing urgent, but I will probably look around for some work soon to bring that reserve back up again.

Posted on 16 May 2008, 18:47


Posted on 17 May 2008, 2:43 by pakt
Lets make a donation :-)
Barry says he "might take on a bit of work soon" to help cover the cost of repairing his car. I think he already has a job - working on Puppy Linux! So why not chip in and send him a donation to show what we think of the "work" he's already doing ;-)

I've just sent him a donation. If enough of us do the same, we will have refilled his reserve :-)

The donate button is on this page:

Posted on 17 May 2008, 7:25 by KMeyer
Yes, that's a good idea. When I read about the car I knew this was going to be expensive so I donated some bucks in the beginning of this week. I really think Barry deserves it for his excellent work...


Posted on 20 Jul 2008, 8:07 by dogone
Dog rescues woman from kangaroo
Good Morning Barry!

OK now. I don't make the news. I just report it.


Posted on 20 Jul 2008, 8:22 by dogone
Barry, we'd better hurry 4.1. NSW needs a copy and fast! That is, unless you think 4.0 can handle this job.

Better yet, play it safe and post them a pack of Puplets!