Lots of upgrades, fixes

NoteCase upgraded to v1.9.1
Pbackup upgraded to v3.1.1, these are all from zigbert...
Pburn upgraded to v1.6.1
Pschedule upgraded to v0.5
Pprocess upgraded to v0.6
Pmirror upgraded to v0.3
Pfilesearch upgraded to v1.5
ePDFView v0.1.6 patched to print by forum member 'lluamco'.
asapm v3.1.5 Dougal has patched this to reduce refresh rate (as well as improved layout).
Pwireless upgraded to v0.8.3. Author is plinej, bugfix contributions by HairyWill and urban soul.

Fix for /etc/WAG/profile-conf in Network Wizard (net_setup package) -- forum member 'urban soul' posted this, removes some private strings.

Forum member 'brazso' requested that 'oem: Trident CYBER 9910' be added to /etc/xorgoverrides.

MU wrote a little script 'dir2sfs' to make it extra easy to create an SFS file.

'glade2bas' is a GUI application for converting a .glade file into a skeleton freeBASIC program. It is in the devx_400.sfs file, however it was reported on the forum that it doesn't work -- its own glade2bas.glade file is missing.
I had to hack the source code, as it only looks for glade2bas.glade in the "current directory", which could be anything. I fixed it at /usr/bin/glade2bas.glade, so it is always found.

I have created a PET package 'glade2bas_DEV-1.0-patched1' rather than put it directly into the devx directory, as I'm gradually working toward Unleashed having all 'devx' components as individual PET packages. All chosen '_DEV' packages will end up in the 'devx' file.
Glade2bas also now has a menu entry, in the Utility menu. There is also a help file at /usr/share/doc/freebasic/howto_glade_freebasic.pdf.

Thanks to tempestuous who found the firmware for the Libertas wireless modules. For the record, this is where tempestuous found it:

Hi, I have attached the Libertas wifi firmware. This will make Puppy4.01's wifi firmware collection complete.
The information regarding the Libertas drivers and firmware is at

libertas_cs.fw and libertas_cs_helper.fw are for the libertas_cs and libertas_sdio modules.
They were compiled from git source code.

usb8388.bin is for the usb8xxx module, as found in the OLPC laptop. This firmware was once available at the Marvell website, but no longer. I got it from

This firmware is now in Puppy4.

Wow, I waded through stuff that I had downloaded, bringing Puppy up-to-date, getting ready for the 4.1alpha snapshot coming out on Monday. Have I missed anything? I think that urban soul was doing some work on improving the windows in the Network Wizard, but I don't know the latest status on that. I did also read something in the forum about usb modem detection, but I am not sure how mature that is yet. Perhaps we will look at bringing these in after 4.1alpha1 (401) is out. I think that I might buy a usb modem next time I'm in Perth, so I can also check this out. I'm thinking of buying a Sony SmartStick Flash memory also. (I'll be in Perth on Friday 5th June)

Please note that this 4.1alpha is just a snapshot for developers, it is not a bugfix release for 4.00. I cannot emphasise this enough. If you have 4.00, do not treat 4.1alpha as an upgrade. If you are not a developer who is specifically interested in the new feaures as announced recently in the blog, please stay away from this iso.

Posted on 26 May 2008, 8:47


Posted on 24 May 2008, 18:26 by ANOSage
USB modem
Don't even think of buying a USB modem! ISPs have been spraying them around like confetti, although now they're giving out proper routers with subscriptions because the USB types are utter cr*p.
If you really want one, I can send you a SpeedTouch 330. If this isn't one you'd like, I'm sure there would be other offers. However, my best advice would be avoid them like the plague and tell their advocates to get lost. Your time would be better spent on scsi......

Posted on 24 May 2008, 18:54 by nfisher
Devx/_DEV packages
I'd be interested in hearing more about how this is going to work, but I like the sound of it so far. So if I understand correctly devx is going to be customizable then?

Posted on 24 May 2008, 21:54 by dreamstogo
Additional JWM config
Hi Barry, I'm always wanting to change the clock to 24hr type, so I created a script to it. You can find it at,


Do you think you could include it? I see that its been downloaded 23 times.


Posted on 24 May 2008, 24:14 by greatnessguru
"clock to 24hr": Yes!
Posted ... by dreamstogo:
> ... change the clock to 24hr type,
> so I created a script ...

My vote: "Yes"

I prefer, and many countries,
hobby & work environments,
etc., already use 24 hour time.

Amatuer radio ("Hams")
"An estimated six million people
throughout the world are
regularly involved with amateur radio."
is one hobby that uses 24 hour time,
especially UTC
"... timekeeping laws usually refer to UTC,
GMT is avoided in careful writing."

"Hams" also tend to be
serious computer experimentalists.
A "HamPup.sfs" might be nice, somebody?

As for public service, many "ham" groups
work closely with government authorities,
schools, non-profits, NASA, law enforcement,
military and others for emergency and other activities.
Puppy support for the
Amatuer radio ("Hams") user base,
starting with Puppy 24 hour clock support,
would therefore spread far and wide.

Eddie Maddox AC0CJ
Inwood IA USA

Posted on 25 May 2008, 3:48 by nic2109
24 Hr Clock
While we're at it we could dispense with timezones altogether and all use UTC all the time.

There's no rational reason behind objections to the idea of having breakfast at say, 18:00 or going to bed at 10:00. It's only what we have got used to.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 7:27 by disciple
And while we're at it we should go metric - a ten hour day and 10 day week would be good :)
Seriously - there is a very rational objection, and that is that if you're listening to a story from another timezone, or watching a movie or whatever, you don't want to have to go away and figure out what time of the day 0400 actually is in that part of the world.
Not that this has anything to do with Puppy :)

Posted on 25 May 2008, 10:05 by BarryK
Re: latest asapm
I don't know what to make of this. Running Top (System menu), asapm displays right at the top or near the top all the time, above X even. This is the new one, which has a reduced refresh frequency.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 10:47 by disciple
Barry, it would be good to upgrade fotox, as Mike's made some good improvements, particularly to the panorama function.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 17:35 by Dougal
A couple of things
RE: Glade2bas: the .glade file should probably be put in the application's DATADIR, probably /usr/share/glade2bas.

RE: asapm: I'll have a look and see if I made a mistake in my last update, but I always check it against top and PowerTop, so it doesn't seem likely.
Maybe it has something to do with the newer versions of the libraries? I had to modify freememapplet to properly work with gtk2, since one function wasn't working properly (and it used to keep the cpu runnign at max).
I'll download the alpha in a few days and will be able to look at it myself.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 21:18 by wildpossum
why not get rid of the calendar too?
And while we are at it why bother with calendars? All dates and times should be presented as seconds before or after midnight 1 Jan 1970 UTC which everybody knows is the all-important epoch of Unix. Then we wouldn't need any time conversion functions. :) :) :)

Silly me, somehow I still have the idea that computers should adapt to humans rather than the other way around.

Anyway, back to Puppy...

Posted on 25 May 2008, 22:39 by nic2109
Not that it matters a jot in the grand scheme of things but disciple has misunderstood me. Under the "No timezones proposal" it is always UTC everywhere, so there's no figuring to do! If it's on at 0400 in say, California then it's also on at 0400 in Sydney or wherever you are. The only difference will be the position of The Sun.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 22:50 by wildpossum
No, we understand you perfectly. Problem is we humans also do other things with our computers, like run calendar programs ("err, what UTC time was I supposed to meet Fred?"), schedule cron jobs ("bugger, I've started the recording job at the wrong time"), or simply look at the clock ("0400, is it time for lunch yet?").

But hey, this is OSS, so why not put both a UTC clock and a local time clock on your desktop if you like.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 23:52 by lluamco
Hi Barry,
too late to replace epdfview with the present svn version?
It contains some improvements and bug fixes. The author
told me that soon it would be released as a new version.
You can find it , epdfview-0.1.7-svn.pet, in the fourth message of this threat:

Posted on 27 May 2008, 24:30 by coolpup
GdMap 0.8.0
Latest version