Fotox, Pschedule

I have upgraded Fotox to version 43. I also decided to put the exiv2 package into pup 4.1alpha1, as Fotox uses it to display image metadata.

Zigbert's Pschedule upgraded to v0.6.

I removed LXRAD from 4.1alpha1, as the author is not planning to fix the problems with the GTK2-only port.

Posted on 25 May 2008, 21:07


Posted on 26 May 2008, 6:52 by melhundo
Fast Light Toolkit and its User-Interface Designer

Posted on 26 May 2008, 8:15 by melhundo
Another PuppyLinux review

I hope you don't mind my posting off-topic comments, but if you do - tell me and I'll stop doing this.

Posted on 26 May 2008, 17:28 by coolpup
Fotox v.44
Latest version

Posted on 26 May 2008, 17:47 by GreatnessGuru
melhundo: "posting off-topic comments"

I guess the
Puppy Linux Discussion Forum
is the usual place for
posting "off-topic" comments.

"Another PuppyLinux review"
might fit in right here:
Forum index Taking the Puppy out for a walk
Puppy Power

Thank you,
Eddie Maddox
Inwood IA USA

Posted on 26 May 2008, 17:54 by BarryK
Re: Fotox 44
Fotox v.44
Latest version

Nooooo! I just last night upgraded to v43!