Theme management introduction

I've been meaning to do this for many months. When I was working on 4.00 alpha6, January 2008, I had done some major work on theme management. I made notes in the blog, but until now it hasn't all been explained in one place.

Many people are interested in creating themes for Puppy, and they have to scratch around trying to find bits of information here and there. There was a question on the forum yesterday, someone asking how to get started in creating a theme, and that has prompted me to finally sit down and write something. Here it is:

Note that a lot of the information in that page is only for Puppy4.

Posted on 1 Jun 2008, 23:05


Posted on 1 Jun 2008, 23:18 by ANOSage
Themes & stuff
Nobody does themes, wallpapers and all that better than the Xfce developers? Maybe some layouts or whatever can be adopted from there? NOP and wNOP maybe be able to help? gray and tombh seem to be very enthusiastic young men.

Posted on 2 Jun 2008, 4:08 by puppymager
better icons
why not use a better icons fof puppy
such as dropline new for example?

also it could be nice to have a two-tray jwm
(very nice look!)