Towards 4.1alpha2

Change of plan, I'm going to Perth tomorrow morning ...hopefully my car will make it past Dalwallinu this time!

My step mother is not well. She has a lot of pain and takes drugs to try and deaden it, but it is getting more difficult for her to cope. She has just acquired a wheelchair and she has even found her walking frame too difficult to use. I spoke with her on the phone today and she asked if I can come down to Perth to move her bed out of the bedroom as the wheelchair won't fit through the bedroom door. It's a job that will probably only take 15 minutes, but more importantly I would like to be there to offer whatever help I can, maybe do a few other odd jobs.

So, that's where I'm going tomorrow, then in the evening will work some more on Puppy. Good, I'll be able to use various relative's PCs to test 4.1alpha2. I think I'm on track to upload it toward the end of the week.

Changing the subject totally, a reminder that all my pages at have this at the bottom of them:

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Meaning that you can't reproduce them on your own site. This message is to whomsoever it may concern.

Posted on 1 Jun 2008, 23:34


Posted on 2 Jun 2008, 5:26 by JustGreg
We can wait
Barry, take care of your step mother. Family members are important. An extra day or two on the release of the new alpha is not going to be a problem for most. Take your time and have a safe trip.

Enjoy life, Just Greg
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Posted on 2 Jun 2008, 7:02 by Subito Piano
Just a note to let you know prayer is going up on this end for your mother and you all...

Posted on 2 Jun 2008, 12:32 by SouthPaws
This ministry has been helpful to many people, (since 1959)...and they're just listener supported.

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 5:02 by Raffy
Yes, relatives - when the younger ones realize that you're "inventing" something, surely they would love to work on it, too.