Back home again

I'm posting this to the 'General' category in this blog. Earlier post announcing that I went to Perth to help my step mother was posted in the 'Puppy' category.

I went to Perth and back home the same day. When I arrived there, my step mother had changed her mind about moving the bed out of the bedroom, so I just stayed awhile, had a nice chat. Just me turning up was what mattered.

I want to be in Perth on Friday to attend a public function, but did not fancy hanging around in Perth until then. So I drove back home -- almost 9 hours on the road! I love driving in the countryside, but I have to curtail my habit as fuel is getting too expensive. I trip to Perth for a couple of hours cup-of-tea-and-a-chat is a bit over the top!

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 9:39


Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 12:33 by tempestuous
wifi firmware ... again
Barry, I just posted detailed information about how to fix naming conventions for the firmware for the new p54usb and p54pci modules here -

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 16:23 by MQ
Just deserts?
You're the genius of the age, Kauler, in so far as computer OSes are concerned -- yet fuel is getting "expensive" and whether your car will survive a nine-hour drive is evidently a question.

Something is wrong in this scenario.

I've been using various versions of Puppy -- starting with Barebones, through Dancer, Qemu Puppy, 3.01, 2.16 CE and 3.95 temporary; they're all good. I've used Barebones and Dancer solidly for more than a year, installed them on the computers of others, written about 'em in the local newspaper, and generally and done my best to promote use of what I find the most stable OS. Not only is it stable, Puppy OS doesn't look down on its users -- it expects a user to have ordinary horse-sense; it doesn't take things away from the operator -- as Windows, Ubuntu, Mandrake, DSL et al. are wont to do. It adds to one's experience, and is thus engaging, fun, educational.

Especially impressive is that you've built your own system, instead of stripping or modifying another's. It makes Puppy so much faster and more full-featured than the rest.

Well...I suppose you can see I'm sold.

But when I suggest trying Puppy to others -- they get a wicked look in their eyes, as if it were a designer drug. Some try it. Some say it's heresy even to think outside the MS box. But, so far, all have stuck with their problematic programs.

It's herd mentality and goes way back -- Jesus, remember, told Peter to feed his "sheep".

So it may be the herd will pass you by as they stampede this way and that, tempted by false promises and urged on by groundless fears; growing ever more stupid, ever less free.

Yet, I'm sure you're a hero to some, especially those who don't like to think of themselves as sheep. That's why I wrote -- to proffer my thanks for the liberation you and others working on Puppy have brought.

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 19:06 by cthisbear
" I trip to Perth for a couple of hours cup-of-tea-and-a-chat is a bit over the top! "

But good for the mind and soul.

You probably relax and drop out while you are
driving - and Bingo! there's another idea
for Puppy.

Good driving.


Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 8:28 by BarryK
Re: drop out while driving
In some parts of Australia, we think nothing of driving a couple of hundred kilometres to visit someone.

You're right Chris, I do relax while driving on country roads. The drive up to my place is mostly a very quiet road, hardly any traffic.
And yes, I keep a pen and piece of paper beside me, because ideas do come up.

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 13:24 by cthisbear
W.A Outback
Drove across the Nullabor in 1973?
In those days no speed limits in W.A. ?

There was major flooding in South Australia,
and if we didn't keep going we would have been
cut off.

One car ahead of us (the first Honda tiny 360cc?)
was towed by a truck...the water went over the
Hondas' roof at one stage.
The road was dirt until you came across the
border...and did'nt the car rattle...
even though it had gas shocks standard.
We all kissed the tarred road on the W.A. side.

I was banned from driving for a day, by
my other 2 mates because we drove into the
first town from the border...
with one eighth of a gallon left in the tank.
Had to really slow down to make it.

Headed to Perth and down the coast and back to
Kalgoolie and took the Indian Pacific train back to Adelaide...along with the car.
A big country over there.

So I thought Yeah! the drive is an outlet
from the creative process.
I wrote a lot of poems in W.A.

Regards ....Chris.