FAQ, Fotox, profile-conf updated

I have done a partial update of the FAQ, just a bit of a tidy-up:

Fotox is updated to version 44.

On May 29, Urban Soul sent me a couple of files to update in the Network Wizard, /etc/WAG/profile-conf and /usr/sbin/wag-profiles.sh. The latter is a new UI for wireless, but unfortunately I could only upgrade the former.

I am guessing, but Urban Soul may have got caught out by a problem that can occur with upgrading a 'pup_save' file. The upgrade process restores "official" files onto the top layer of the Unionfs, but it does this by comparing file modify dates. If Urban Soul had upgraded to Puppy4 but had been earlier editing the 'wag-profiles.sh' file then it may not upgrade to the latest official file. I don't know if this is what happened in Urban Soul's case, but I thought that I would mention it here as it is trap that a developer can easily fall into.

Anyway, in Urban Soul's case, the 'wag-profiles.sh' that was sent to me is based on a much earlier version and is missing many changes that were made during the Puppy4 alpha releases. The latest official file is in 4.1alpha1 and is dated May 4, 2008.

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 18:15


Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 18:21 by coolpup
fotoxx 4.5
Latest version

Note the name change to "fotoxx".

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 20:11 by us
Barry, this was intended. I was too lazy to copy the changes of my version to 401alpha1-version of wag-profiles.sh.

Instead I copied your changes (this means: wifi driver info) to the file I had. I changed about 50 lines spread over the file. You changed 3 lines (is this right??!). So it was easier to do it this way.

You can check every change I made by searching for the string "US".

Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 20:27 by us
302alpha1 base
More precisely the file I sent you is based on wag-profiles.sh from puppy 302alpha1. Up to now (401alpha1) only the wifi info from tempestuous has been updated. Is this correct?


Posted on 3 Jun 2008, 23:11 by Raffy
Comments on the FAQ
I guess the new wikka URL is puppylinux.org/wiki

pup_save.3fs is still there in the FAQ page.

Would there be something to add based on the recent question of drbongo?

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 3:56 by paulh
Broken link in FAQ
this link in the FAQ seems to be broken:


[ I get this message from the site: NON-WORKING URL! The URL (Web address) that has been entered is directing to a non-existent page on the InformationWeek.com website.]

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 7:44 by us
- - - great spirit, great words. Congratulation to that one... the line I like best is:
"In other words, Puppy keeps you in control, and this is well worth a small effort to understand what mounting/unmounting is."

Puppy is educational self-empowerment.

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 8:19 by BarryK
Re: wag-profiles.sh
Urban Soul,
ok, I'll check it out. I had jumped to the conclusion that you got caught by that upgrade trap, as it has happened to others in the past.

Re the FAQ, ok, I'll get back to it sometime.

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 16:16 by us
on using scripts
for the record:

I never run a script that writes to my hd without reading the code before.

In many cases (update of savefile, universal installer) it saves me a lot of time doing these precesses by hand instead of reading (and understanding) all that scripting.

I never upgrade a save file. It would be too risky.

I wonder that other 'developers' had these problems. It should be common sense that you dont run a script xyz on your save file.

Posted on 4 Jun 2008, 16:54 by us
one more note:

try running wag-profiles.sh standalone. It was not clear to me why managing profile data requires to run the network wizard each time. This is why people switch to pwireless. Basically the possibility was already implemented by rarsa but never used.

Setting up a new profile runs the scan window. There you select a wlan to add a profile. So you will need a wireless network to test.

All other changes are in the changelog (old PM)

Posted on 8 Jun 2008, 20:53 by coolpup
fotoxx 4.6
Latest version

Posted on 15 Jun 2008, 19:01 by coolpup
fotoxx 4.7
Latest version